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How Do You Make a Hire?

The question was asked, by a Group I am on via LinkedIn, “What are the most important things to look for in making a hire?” I love this question!

That is easy for me, as I have recruited and hired for over 25 years for multi-industries and the formula that I have always used has never failed me and is as follows: Can Do - Will Do - Will Fit.

1. Can Do - Can they do the job? So that would be categorized as the 'Ability to Execute' the job description. If they can't, you must pass.

Now, that doesn't mean that they won't have to have training of course, but as the Co-Founder of several successful businesses, I have always said and led with the mantra: "We recruit attitude, and we train skills. The rest, the prospective team member must bring to the table."

2. Will Do - Based upon their resume, their history and the screening process that you use, as well as your 'gut' if you are a seasoned recruiter, will they DO the job? You see, "I don't believe in coaching motivation." It simply doesn't work to try and keep blowing up a balloon with a pin-hole in it. Pass!

I have spent my career as an owner, coach, leader and entrepreneur of businesses that hire only Free Agents - 1099 self-employed contractors. Because of this, I learned that there are those team members who WANT your time (90%) in the Free Agent landscape, and those who DESERVE your time (10%). The distinction is critical in building a successful and properly functioning business.

So how do you know who deserves your time? You must constantly monitor the attitude, the actions and the results of the Free Agent (or even a W-2 Employee). And the best of all ways to make the distinction is to understand as my good friend and author Richard Flint says, "Behavior never lies." Motivation - You just can't give them that!

3. Will Fit - Do they and will they fit into the culture of your company? So that would be 'Cultural Fit' and it is absolutely critical. If you are satisfied with the culture of your company, whether as an owner or a team member, (and if you are not - what are you doing about it as the owner - or why are you still there as a teammate?), then the prospective new team member must fit squarely into your culture or they will become a disruption. Again, pass.

Be careful however not to misunderstand that this doesn't mean you want everyone looking, dressing, speaking and believing the same way as to resemble some sci-fi horror flick. You're not looking for something out of the 'Twilight Zone.'

As a Co-Founder, who speaks to dozens on my Rep Team every day - the one's who deserve it, remember - I am always asking, "So what is working for you? What is not working for you and your customers? What is missing? How can we improve our USP - Unique Selling Proposition, which is your secret sauce."

And then, as Steve Jobs, so eloquently said at his address to Stanford grads, "Stay hungry, stay foolish." As the leaders of our organizations, we must live this. And when YOU lead it from the front, it will permeate your team. BOOM!

Mark Skovron | CEO/COO of MaxGroup Business Solutions | or (727) 667-4300

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