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The Free Agent Revolution

Where Did They All Go?

The Executive Vice President for one of the largest real estate companies in the country abruptly resigns after many years. A hair stylist walks out of her salon after 27 years, never to return. A supervisor for one of the largest package delivery companies walks away, and doesn’t look back.

A teacher, a corporate sales rep for a leading airline, an executive for one of the county’s largest banks, an I.T. systems expert with a major corporation, and millions of others are walking away from top careers at an unprecedented rate.

Some are being forced out, some are simply opting out. Either way, they are choosing new unchartered territory for themselves. And life is becoming the best it has ever been for them and their families.

They are your co-workers, relatives, friends, neighbors, and those you never met.

What are these people doing, where are they going, and what caused their sudden departure from their previous 40-year plan?

They’ve all joined the ranks of the Free Agent Revolution.

Free Agent (definition)

A person who is able to act freely without being controlled by someone else.

Revolution (definition)

A sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

Susan and Gary Walsh live in Columbia, S.C. Susan spent 27 years standing on her feet 80 hours weekly in a salon styling hair doing her part in providing for her family

Then one day, a woman shared an idea about a product and a compensation plan within the network marketing industry.

Susan immediately seized upon the new venture, somehow finding extra hours to sell and market the product while she styled hair. With one son in dental school, Susan’s first goal was an extra $5,000 a month.

The part time opportunity paid off and much more than Susan originally ever imagined. She recruited others to also sell, and built an international organization. Her direct sales company, The 5 Star Marketing Group has generated over $9 million in commissions to her in the past two decades, and Susan has coached many others to millionaire status. Susan will never again be anything other than a Free Agent.

The Honeymoon Is Over

Allow me to be perfectly honest and clear up front. This chapter is designed to be disruptive. Once you read this, it is doubtful that you will ever feel or think about your job or career the same way again.

But I owe it to you to tell you the truth. I am sounding the alarm in the town square.

I’ll try and speak without offending – and you try and read without defending.

There is a revolution that is going on in America. It was inevitable considering that people have grown weary of 60+ hour work weeks, taking home work to do in the evening and on weekends, having little to no vacation time, and dysfunctional workplaces filled with corporate politics.

Workers are waking up to the fact that there is no longer any security or commitment to be gained in the outdated model of employment.

The movement of millions of Americans away from the old relationship of employment and into a Free Agent mode is the result of many things. Probably one of the main drivers is the great socioeconomic changes that have occurred in the past ten years.

Individuals are reassessing their futures, and being forced to redefine the meaning of security, career, rewards and develop new ways of not just surviving but thriving in the new caste system we find ourselves in today.

Zik Stewart was employed in real estate, while Jerri, his wife was a well-respected teacher. Their combined incomes supported their family, and they enjoyed what they did. But, there was never much discretionary income for those extra things that everyone wants.

A fellow teacher of Jerri’s mentioned that they were marketing life insurance on a part time basis for extra income. Once Jerri told Zik, they both decided to give it a try.

“We started selling insurance on a part time basis while keeping our full time jobs,” said Jerri. Zik adds, “We worked that secondary income stream for three years before we were both able to become full time.”

Since then, their Free Agent business has changed and they became Home-Based Business Consultants. They have independent contracts with two different companies which have produced multi-millions in earnings over the past 30 years, and they have since semi-retired to a beautiful all-inclusive community in Hilton Head, S.C.

What About Security?

Wake up! Try not producing for a week, a month or 3 months at your “secure” job. Just how long do you imagine they will they keep you on the payroll? Right,…

It is time you realize that all you have is a week to week renewable contract and you are completely disposable. “Right Sizing” corporations call it. It is downsizing that ultimately leads to capsizing of your family’s income, budget, and dreams. That’s why it is so important to have a back-up plan.

I personally know of one company that appeared for several years in a row on Fortunes List of the ‘Top 100 Companies in America to Work For’. As employers go, they did have a reputation for treating their co-workers better than most.

Then the time came that the original investors were courted by a bigger, more powerful company that wanted to buy this top company and add it to its established distribution system.

Offers were made and accepted pending one thing happening: employee compensation reduction.

The company being purchased had about 800 Sales Representatives, who had great jobs, working Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 for compensation between $70- $150k. Not a bad gig, right?

Just before the acquisition was complete, and in order to ‘shape the selling company’s numbers,’ Sales Managers were commanded to call their Sales Representatives in and inform them that their position, or rather the title, was being eliminated.

It just so happened though, that the same company was conveniently hiring for a ‘new’ position – a title that had never existed before: Customer Service Representative.

The job description was the same exact description as the now evaporated Sales Representative position.

All previous Sales Reps were encouraged to apply, as they were obviously qualified.

The only difference was the title, and that the compensation for the ‘new position,’ was now at approximately $30,000 a year, about one half to one third of the previous job.

And you know what? Most of the Sales Reps did apply and were hired to do the same job for much lower income. After all, it was either that, or go stand in the unemployment line. Unethical – perhaps. Unfair and uncaring – definitely. But this is legal and now the norm.

Scott Smith was an inside sales manager at one of the country’s largest banks and in his twenties when he got his wake up call. Scott worked for the bank for a couple of years before being called into his supervisor’s office for ‘one of those chats.’

His offense? A ninety year old bank customer who didn’t quite understand all the workings of her account accrued 30 NSF fees for a total of $900. While in the bank, Scott reached out to her children to enlist their assistance in getting their mothers account balanced and keeping it that way.

In the meantime, in the spirit of great customer service, not to mention being a kind human gesture, Scott dispensed with all but three of the NSF fees bringing her total owed down to $90.

But Scott’s manager explained the bank’s profits should come before any customer, and gave Scott his first written warning. When Scott objected, the manager informed Scott that perhaps he should look to some other source for employment.

With zero entrepreneurial skills, and no money, Scott got a 1099 self-employment contract with a company selling medical devices and became a part of the Free Agent Revolution.

Scott moved from Alabama to Florida, and began to work his new territory. He racked up thousands of dollars on his credit cards and lived essentially out of his truck while building his business. After 6 months, Scott was close to the $100,000 a year pace.

Since then, Scott has taken his Free Agent model into overdrive and is now the owner of six businesses and counting. He and his wife Diana and their children live in a very spacious home in Tampa, Florida, and life just keeps getting better.

Work for a Purpose and Not Just a Paycheck

I like to say, that happy is the man or woman, who both works and plays, and yet cannot tell the difference.

Sure, there are some very fortunate people who are ‘called’ to what they do.

Perhaps they are the clergy, doctors, nurses, teachers or the like. They don’t work just for their paycheck. These people really love what they do.

But that is the minority I assure you.

Even if you are compensated well for your career, most people surveyed have said that they would gladly accept and adapt to less pay for more quality time with their family and doing those things that they love.

One of my best friends, Martha Kemper always likes to say, and so I want to suggest to you, “that you can actually have it all.”

Dave and Jill Myers live in the small town of Eureka, Missouri. After college, Dave found very highly compensated work with his degree and skills as an I.T. expert running technology departments for 20 years, earning him significant mid-six figures.

“I started to look around for something new that would allow me more freedom and flexibility,” says Dave.

The first thing that popped up on Dave’s radar was the mobile technology boom. Text to mobile for marketing then led Dave with his skills to web design and that’s when Dave joined the Free Agent Revolution and launched his own business.

Dave now comes and goes as he decides, eats lunch with his wife every day, and is at every sporting and school event that his children are involved with. In just 3 years, Dave’s income started leveling out, and he’s back to the earnings he previously enjoyed in Corporate America.

“While I am still working to build a portfolio of business accounts so that my residual income is secure,” Dave reflects, “My family is the most important thing in the world to me, so even in lean months, it’s worth it.”

Ready, Set, Go!

Being a Free Agent myself, having started several successful companies, and in my role as a Free Agent Coach (See: ), I speak to people every week who want to join the Free Agent Revolution, but just don’t know how to get started.

Although there is much more detail on the website, the first questions to ask are:

1. What is it that you truly love? 2. What is it that you definitely have a natural skill set for?

Gregg and Tori Sturz make their home in Kennesaw, Georgia with their children and have found a way to generate a generous income by doing what they love.

After 20 years as a supervisor for UPS, with a generous income, great benefits, and the image of security, Gregg says, “I always had a desire to be more, achieve more, and make a difference for others.”

Despite working for a company that many people would gladly work with forever, Gregg wanted, needed, to be involved in something he loved. But what was that to be?

Through the years, Gregg’s Free Agent Revolution has taken many forms and paths. Gregg has started and sold several businesses in the health and wellness industries, and recently just started a healthy pet care business specializing in natural and safe foods, treats and vitamins for pets.

Gregg says, “Tori’s passion is about the pets, while I thrive on exploring and creating different businesses for myself and others.”

Anna Marques is a member of the Free Agent Revolution out of Dunedin, Florida. Although she has a life-partner, she began her business with her brother Dino.

Anna’s background and talents were in contracted management and as a business broker. She decided one day that she had her fill of the corporate world, and immediately formed a business plan around what she was great at and already possessed the skills and experience for.

She and Dino, as well as Anna’s life-partner Bill, parlayed those previous skill sets into a similar business model and formed Member Benefits Alliance, Inc. The company is an intermediary and contracts with businesses and buyers providing pre-negotiated discounts and acts as a buying club while directing revenue dollars toward businesses that need them.

Anna is doing much of the ‘same type of work,’ but this time as a Free Agent.

Before joining the Free Agent Revolution, you should do your research. Use our website for all of the free resources and tools available.

But eventually, and the sooner the better, you just simply have to start.

The stories you have read so far will be tugging at you, if you are destined to join our Free Agent Revolution.

Just remember that in the Free Agent world, the few who do (action) become the envy of the many who only stand by and watch.

Build A Support System

One of the most important things that you can do once you decide that the path of the Free Agent is for you, is to build a support system around you, that becomes stronger than any adversity or challenge will be.

Ricky Barnett form Ogden, Utah formed a plan with his wife Sherry to become a Free Agent.

Ricky served in the Armed Forces, has been a group home manager, a counselor and then a carpenter. These are all honorable professions, but not necessarily the resume that some of our other Free Agents possessed.

But in his heart, Ricky had a white-hot obsession for more freedom, to be able to call his own shots, and be able to build up a consistent residual income for the future.

So while trying out different business models, some of which did not take off by the way, Ricky did discover the most important ingredient was to surround and immerse himself in a support and personal growth system that would keep him focused on his goal.

This point cannot be overstated – and is in my opinion, the most important element in whether or not you will succeed in the Free Agent Revolution, but alas, is often ignored.

Ricky went all the way. He cut off or limited relationships with people who were committed to discouraging him. He immersed himself every single day in books and audios to reinforce his vision, and built up a strong state of mind.

“I raised my determination and persistence level above my distraction level,” Ricky says. Ricky adds, “I listened to the greats, Jim Rohn, Jim Britt and Jim Lutes. I read the greats, Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, Og Mandingo and Stephen Covey. And I enrolled Mark Skovron and Jeff Peltin to coach me and gave them permission to not hold back.”

Ricky has carried a small ‘gratitude rock’ with him for many years. The weight, and feel of it every day reminds him that no matter what, to have an attitude of gratitude.

Never Give Up

You must understand that successful people do what they need to do whether they feel like it or not. There are two types of people in this world: men and women of action, and everyone else.

So your breakout into the wonderfully rewarding world of the Free Agent Revolution cannot just be about good ideas, it’s about making good ideas happen!

If you are not willing to do the things that it takes to cause your project to succeed, you might as well not even begin. And it is essential that you understand that things won’t always happen on your timetable.

Becoming a Free Agent is a Revolution because you are doing something that is disruptive by nature, and many people will never even attempt.

Ples Bruce and his spouse Kameelah from Atlanta, Georgia were early adopters and joined the Free Agent Revolution years ago, before it was the movement that it is today.

Ples spent many years working in corporate sales for one of the nation’s largest airlines. Despite earning a great living and having many benefits that most would love to have, Ples says, “I wanted the opportunity to create a residual income in a business model that allowed me to work whenever I wanted to.”

So Ples formed Venture Head, his Free Agent business model. Although he still works full time for the airline, he also works full time for his own business. Now those hours are quite the commitment, especially after a couple years.

But it is all starting to come together for him now. “By joining the Free Agent Revolution,” Ples explains, “I have the opportunity to gain control of my income, and when you control your income, you can finally have true security and that’s called freedom.”

There is a great quote, one of my favorites, by Jim Rohn: “Resolve says, I will. The man says, I will climb this mountain. They told me it is too high, too far, too steep, too rocky and too difficult. But it’s my mountain. I will climb it. You will soon see me waving from the top or dead on the side from trying.”

It’s Never Too Late to Start

I’ve personally been a part of the Free Agent Revolution for over 25 years.

During that time, I have had the privilege of knowing, partnering with, coaching or witnessing the success of all of the people that you have been reading about.

I am the better person for my experiences with each of them. Their Free Agent Revolutions have called out the best in me and constantly reminded me why this movement is so important and life-changing for so many.

I’ve watched individuals in their twenties become Free Agents, and some in their eighties.

Don Martin from Atlanta, Georgia is certainly not in his eighties, but he’s not in his twenties either. You see, Don spent an entire career in real estate, much of that time as an EVP for Century 21 International Headquarters.

But when Don retired 7 years ago, he still wasn’t ready to stop working. So, he formed his company, the U.S. Business Network, and has been a paid executive business coach helping others to launch both for-profits, and nonprofits very successfully for years.

He is a highly sought out coach, mentor and business building mastermind, and the number of successful businesses that Don has partnered with to launch, can’t be counted.

So Don’s a guy who has it all, had it all early on, retired, but just won’t stop building. He proves that it’s never too late to join the Free Agent Revolution.

The Finish Line

Ken Turbow and his life-partner Robert have homes in Sarasota and Pensacola Florida.

Ken excelled at his career in manufacturing management becoming the youngest VP in three separate companies. But corporate take-overs and mergers would take their toll and Ken joined the Free Agent Revolution when he started working part time in direct sales. Ken now owns a distributorship with a direct sales healthy chocolates company.

“Once I got a taste of being my own boss I never once thought about going back to Corporate America,” Ken reflects.

It’s been 21 years since Ken told his employer that their services were no longer needed. Ken’s business has always made him over $100,000 a year, with his highest month at $80,000 in earnings.

Becoming a part of the Free Agent Revolution is not something you do instead of working. It is simply a different way of working, and for different reasons, and for different results.

In most cases, Free Agents begin part time, so the hours spent in the development of your business model are in addition to your regular employment.

Being a Free Agent isn’t meant for everyone, in fact, it’s not for most people, although it is my opinion that everyone, and I mean everyone ought to have a back-up plan.

But those for whom it is their calling, it is literally a dream come true.

The Free Agent Revolution is a claim you stake, then dig for relentlessly, defend against no matter what, and put your whole self into to be at cause for, it’s manifestation.

If you’re truly a Free Agent ‘type,’ you’ll know it, because your thirst for it will burn constantly and you’ll never be truly happy until you are on that journey.

You should know two things as you consider your own Free Agent Revolution.

First, it will be at least 10 times harder than you think, or want it to be but, when you achieve that kind of freedom, and become the true captain of your destiny forever, I promise you that it will be 1,000 times better than you ever imagined.

For Additional Information

MaxGroup Business Solutions is the preferred vehicle for over 2,000 Free Agents (1099 Contractors) throughout the U.S.

2014 Income Disclaimer: Our average active Part Time Rep earned $15,726. Our average active Full Time Rep earned (low) $38,130 to (high) over $400,000. Incomes are based on Front End Income, Monthly Residual Income and Bonuses.

MaxGroup Business Solutions provides technology solutions that help businesses increase revenue. (We are a General Agency and NOT an MLM.)

We provide All-In-One integrated and overlapping proprietary and customized services for businesses, organizations and individuals to communicate, increase their brand, loyalty and ultimately their ROI as applicable.

MaxGroup has provided such services since 2010 to businesses, organizations and individuals both large and small resulting in millions of communications and customer campaigns.

MaxGroup has a first to market and proprietary software program that integrates all popular modes of advertising, marketing, branding and communication for individuals, small businesses, franchises and even Fortune 500 Companies. MaxGroup is a national leader in this space as one of the Top 25 Companies in the U.S.

Our revolutionary compensation plan allows you to sell not only our best in class products in the marketplace and receive up front commissions and bonuses but also to build a significant residual income. There are no limits. The great part about the MBS opportunity is the freedom you have to grow as much as you like, with no ceiling on advancement or income. You’re limited only by your own drive and ability. If you are selected, this could be your chance to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years more than most people accomplish in a 40 year career in Corporate America.

The MaxGroup Championship Rep Team just might be what is missing for you!

For Consideration Submit Resume to:

For additional information immediately contact: (kicking the tires is okay too!)

Mark Skovron Chief Success Officer | CEO | COO Direct: (727) 667-4300

Mark Skovron has been a Free Agent and Free Agent creator for over 25 years. He has successfully launched several companies that have employed collectively tens of thousands of Free Agents and produced multi-millions in revenues.

Mark is a Co-Founder of MaxGroup Business Solutions, a best-selling author, has been featured in several top business magazines and quoted in best-selling books by other authors on self-improvement, peak performance, and of course self-employment as a Free Agent Evangelist.

Mark is absolutely certain that his life mission is self-employment Free Agent empowerment and as such has coached many Free Agents to millionaire status and the number of previous individuals employed but now Free Agents on a full time basis number in the thousands.

(This LinkedIn Posting is an excerpt from the upcoming book: 'The Free Agent Revolution' to be published late 2015.)

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