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Is Cold Calling Still Effective or Is It Dead?

In my experience, it depends upon the product/service, the Rep’s skill set, the Reps MINDSET even more, and the support the company provides. Here is why I LOVE cold calling – and so does our Rep Team.

My business partner and I started our business 7 years ago selling ONLY Mobile Text Marketing. You know, the "text DEAL to 70000" signs you see.

We sold only with a 1099-Self Employed Rep Team that I personally recruited paying front-end commissions and residuals based on the entire portfolio of accounts they obtained – no salaries. We taught them proper cold calling for effective account accumulation. And our team made 80% of their sales to restaurants because they were so easy to close – 20 minutes.


Some quit. Some turned in, and still do, a sale now and then. Most Reps just turn in a couple sales each month and then there is a handful; well,... they perform off the charts. “80-20 Rule,” right?


The customers started asking our Reps if we did websites – we didn’t. But they kept asking. Our Reps started begging. They pointed out they could be earning more money. So I hired top-end talent for fulfillment and support and we put together more collateral, and websites in to the commission structure. One hell of a commission structure BTW!

The next natural addition was easy. It was Jeff Peltin, my business partner’s idea – to also offer true Menu Driven Mobile Sites – (not cheesy optimized sites that are not even close just to meet Google's requirements). Our customers love our Menu Driven Mobile Sites, because THEIR customers love and use them. So, they make more money for our customers. We get more referrals from this product than anything else.

Finally I hired the most experienced, the most talented and best SEO fulfillment team in the industry. No really, these guys and gals put any competitor to shame. They’re so damn good that we give the SEO customer’s money back if we can’t perform what we promise. That’s in writing. And no long term contracts – month to month only! We can take a business with applicable search words back on page 20, and have 100+ of the most searchable words for that business returning page 1 and 2 within a few months - No one else does that, let alone give a money back guarantee! MaxGroup does.


As we’ve grown, our collateral is so slick and professional for simple presentation and explanation, our Rep Team can close 2-3 separate products from one newly activated account after walking into a business without an appointment in less than an hour. That’s called an effective cold call!

The Reps then get referrals, our retention defies explanation, and we are growing like wild. Cold Calling – In the beginning, I made a point of saying, “the Reps MINDSET,” was most important.

Since our inception, my business partner and I committed to keeping all corporate expenses including our own paychecks low. We have had 4 compensation changes in 7 years and they have all been increases to the Rep Team.

A 1099 Rep, conducting COLD CALLING ONLY and following up on their referrals, can close only 1 new account per week (at 2-3 products) and earn about $700 to $1,000 a week front-end commissions.

But that is NOT what keeps their MINDSET up.


Our residual commissions to that Rep, in that example, after one year of that performance would pay them very high six-figures every year before their alarm clock goes off in the morning. (And no, we are NOT an MLM.) And we’ve got Reps that we’ve been paying residual commissions to for over 6 years – from their first year’s efforts.

Entering our 7th year in this industry, we are poised to climb into the Top 10 of companies within our industry. Our Reps love our products, services, support, company and how they are treated by us. NEWS FLASH: Your employees and reps don't want a foosball table or a refrigerator full of free energy drinks, they want to be paid outrageously for what they are doing!

Our customers love us because we increase their revenues an average of 15 to 30% within 90 to 120 days – any questions?

Is cold calling still effective? You bet your “asskme” it is!

For more information, to kick the tires, or just to pick my brain, text, email, call or send a carrier pigeon and I promise to deliver lasting and difference making value to you. I live for this stuff!

Mark Skovron became a leader early in Corporate America where he held various positions in sales, sales management and training, and a Senior Vice President for a subsidiary of a Fortune 50 Company in his twenties.

Actively involved in personal training and developmental technologies for decades, Mark is one the world's leading authorities on success and personal achievement. Having taught hundreds of thousands of people, Mark is one of the most sought after speakers and mentors today.

Mark has been the founder of many very successful companies including Maximum Achievement Group, MaxGroup Business Solutions and is the Co-Author of best-selling books including, The Change (Ingram, March, 2015) and The Free Agent Revolution being released very soon.

Read more about Mark at: as published in Millionaire Magazine.

Mark can be reached at: | | Direct: 727.667.4300 (Call or Text)Mark Skovron | CEO | COO |

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