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LinkedIn or Facebook - What Is The Best Business Strategy?

As an aggressive B2B service company, operating in the U.S. and a Top 25 Company in our space, we, like most companies, maintained a Facebook (FB) page years ago.

Our intended result was the expansion of our team of representatives as opposed to many companies that want to further increase their brand and their sales through that venue.

For us, it was all about the acquisition of new talent since that is where our sales and client maintenance originates.

Being an extreme A-Type personality, I am results driven, and I noticed a couple things.

First, I didn't want myself, my business partner or marketing staff sifting through what mood people were in that day, what flavor potato chips people preferred, or the latest, my new child/grandchild is more beautiful than anything else on the planet content on FB profiles.

I choose not to take the time to live my life staring at a computer monitor. When I’m off from building my business, I'd rather read a book, meet a teammate for coffee, talk to a new client, spend a day on the Gulf of Mexico or taking a helicopter ride over the Big Island of Hawaii.

I’m all about “Actionable Activity,” although sometimes that can be down-time as well.

I'd rather live life out there where life is occurring and let the Kim K chasers or whatever new reality show is happening devour an average of 2 hours a day of someone’s life.

Now as for business, I must admit, we may be back on FB one day in the future.

One cannot know. I'm having my team re-read the latest version of "The New Rules of Marketing & PR," (David Meerman Scott) which makes a strong case for all of social media, so we'll see in time.

But since I am an information nerd, which more than not pays off for me very well thank you, I can’t help but agree with Lee Bell who wrote an article citing a Princeton University study in which he predicted, “Facebook users will drop like flies in 2017 with 80 percent likely to flee and likens the social network to an 'infectious disease.' (January 23, 2014)

Bell compared FB to Myspace, which was founded in 2003, peaked in 2008 and died by 2011, predicting that FB will crash and burn due to loss of interest shown between social media users and eventually, their peers, as the study claimed.

According to the study, FB has already "reached the peak of its popularity" and its numbers are in decline, which can be seen by its slump in search frequency after 2012, there is no disputing that fact.

The report concluded that as users start jumping the FB ship, "recovery" will spread infectiously, meaning that others will soon follow suit after their friends have decided they've had enough.

Perhaps Mr. Bell will be correct, or perhaps not.

FB, in all probability, will always be with us - like TMZ, other tabloids, roaches and a do-nothing Congress. But I'll leave that to the 'isn't my new kitty cute" crowd. (Don’t hate if you have a difference of opinion.)

LinkedIn is far from perfect also. And if you want to spend money to advertise on this platform - get ready - you could take out an ad at Times Square for what LinkedIn is commanding these days. The results of such advertising differ depending on who you ask.

But at least with LinkedIn, someone can take a direct, in your face, bypass all the going back and forth soft-sell to inquire about business. And if you figure it out correctly - or get a professional to assist (like we have found), you can stay quite busy for a nominal membership without paying the high fees for LinkedIn campaigns.

NOTE: My shameless plug for one of the best LinkedIn Strategist’s in the country: Connect with Sean Conboy of NuSvara. E: . I’m not kidding, these guys have got game! Think not, prove me wrong.

Of course my personality isn't like most, so you may not want to even pay any attention to me.

I don't like small talk. I don't care to discuss what the masses care about. That doesn’t make me better I’m clear, just different!

Let me build my Rep Team bigger and bigger. Our corporate objectives are to have over 100 Free Agent – 1099 Independent Reps earning over $100k a year in residual income alone (Not MLM) within the next few years.

And, you know what? We’re trending there!

Let me be off when I'm off (after 60 hour work weeks). I choose to travel, I choose to donate my time to causes that make a difference, and I choose to only be in contact with other difference- makers.

Does that make me arrogant? Perhaps, but then I also don't ever worry about what others think, so there is that.

FB for business? Yeah good luck with that. Personally I think that is a slow road. Unless you are a network marketer (MLM), then the soft sell works okay on that venue. But I’m impatient, and I’m out to build my company from the Top 25 to the Top 10. From there, we’ll see.

LinkedIn for business I personally believe is a much better choice if used correctly, though still imperfect and frustrating at times. At least you know what everyone is there for.

LinkedIn claims about 330MM users. I’m guessing about 30MM are fake profiles – it just happens right, people are weird.

So let’s just say 300MM legit users. Stats say approximately 70% are career seekers or at least keeping their options open and wanting to stay visible, and 30% are recruiters like me. If I were going fishing in the Gulf, I’d like those odds either way.

This much is clear: The digital age, the Internet, social media tools of all kinds that exist today and some that we haven’t heard of yet, but are coming are far-reaching, effective and long lasting. These are exciting times for all of us indeed.

Whether its photos of baby kittens in a basket, or just let me research resumes’ or careers I didn’t know existed, there are venues for both. So you get to choose.

But I am speaking to business, action plans, and getting things done.

Just remember, that just because you are sitting at a keyboard and staring at a monitor, the ones who win at this game will approach contacts knowing that even though it’s all technology, the most important element and commodity will always be people.

There’s a real person with dreams, goals, concerns, value systems, something that they want, something that are ready to contribute, and a difference that they want to make on the other end of your messaging. They may be on the same block as you, or all the way on the other side of the world, but they are there.

Me, I prefer LinkedIn for my objectives because it suits me. You may prefer something else.

But I am winning on this technology because I use it respectfully and with one purpose, to ultimately connect with the human being on the other end to make a profound and lasting difference.

Mark Skovron | CEO | MaxGroup Business Solutions | Free Agent Evangelist | Direct: 727.667.4300 | Best Selling Author | The Free Agent Revolution, Co-Author | | The Change: Insights into Self-Empowerment, Co-Author

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