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The 8 Reasons 2016 Will Be The Year of Mobile Everything

Computers are being run over by their smaller and more convenient counterparts. What are the two things you never leave home without - Your keys and your mobile phone.

Mobile phones fit in our pockets and purses on our belts and plug into our automobiles. And not only can they do everything a desktop or laptop can do, usually, they can do more.

Below are 8 good reasons why mobile marketing is set to dominate the marketing universe.

1. Mobile users are increasing. There were 1.13 billion smartphone users in 2012. That number increased by a whopping 27.1% in 2013 to 1.43 billion and by 2017, it is expected that nearly half of the global mobile users are likely to own a smartphone.

2. Mobiles are becoming more professional. In marketing, time means money and since the computers are running out of favor among users, investors are starting to invest heavily on mobile targeted marketing.

3. Mobiles are more user-friendly. Touching a screen is surely easier than pressing keys of the keyboards. Though the older generation originally struggled in adjusting with the sensitivity of the mouse and track pads, the new generation prefers touch screens.

"Hello, yeah, I want to see if you have an item in stock."

4. Mobiles get significantly more attention. The average mobile user used to have their phone within reach about 16 hours a day. That has changed. You can now go to sleep with them next to you replacing the alarm clock, use them as your GPS or even play games on then while waiting for a doctor appointment. Mobiles have replaced camera and video equipment. Some very well-known and highly paid Bloggers have used their mobiles to begin their lucrative careers.

5. Mobiles are less expensive to purchase. Desktops and laptops cost around $400 and up. For half of that price or sometimes with a service contract at no cost you can easily acquire a multi-functional smartphone.

6. Mobiles have a variety of applications. Mobile is more fun to use and has a wide range of applications. For every similar Windows app, there are more than 10 Android and iOS apps and guess what? You can simply download them from the Apple or Android market and not be confused with 10 deceptive similar looking download links.

7. Mobile can access the Internet. Mobile phones take web based marketing to a whole different level. A plethora of the downloaded apps can access the Internet which provides the marketers with myriads of portals to employ their marketing tactics.

8. Mobile marketing cannot be overstated. Even with the evolution of Internet, the one thing that has managed to keep its original integrity impact is text messaging (SMS). “The right strategy involves targeted text messages that allow you to engage with your audience with intimacy and immediacy more than any other channel”, says Jeff Peltin, Chief Marketing & Training Officer for MaxGroup Business Solutions.

The world of marketing has come through a riptide in the past half century and the marketing trends have changed. In this highly turbulent world of marketing, smart marketers have learned to go with the flow and they know that mobile is the next “thing”. So as we like to say, “Go mobile, or go home!”

Mark Skovron became a leader in Corporate America where he held various positions in sales, sales management and training, and Senior Vice President for a subsidiary of a Fortune 50 Company.

Actively involved in personal training and developmental technologies for decades, Mark is one the world's leading authorities on success and personal achievement. Having taught hundreds of thousands of people, Mark is one of the most sought after speakers and mentors today.

Mark has been the founder of many very successful companies including Maximum Achievement Group, MaxGroup Business Solutions and is the Co-Author of best-selling books including, The Change (Ingram, March, 2015) and The Free Agent Revolution being released very soon.

Mark can be reached at: | Direct: 727.667.4300 (Call or Text)

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