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MaxGroup's New Worldwide HQ Built As Goal of Becoming #1 Nears

MaxGroup Business Solutions proves that outstanding customer care is the main but most overlooked component in surpassing your competitors. The company has built their rock solid reputation on exceeding their clients expectations.

MaxGroup, an acknowledged global leader among digital marketing agencies is celebrating the grand opening of the company's new worldwide headquarters in the Northwest Valley of the Phoenix metro. The company's larger, modern facilities have been selected to facilitate their explosive growth over the past 8 years and because it can easily provide upward scalability of the Class A office complex.

MaxGroup began 8 years ago with one product that it introduced to the marketplace: (SMS) text-to-mobile marketing. After massive success, the company responding to client requests continued into other verticals including unique website design, custom menu-driven mobile sites optimized for search engines, and other digital marketing. SEO services were soon added and quickly became a favorite product among MaxGroup's customer base.

When asked how MaxGroup has surpassed competition that has been in business twice, even three times as long, Jeff Peltin, the company's Chief Marketing & Training Officer replies, “We do something most companies don’t do any longer. We LISTEN to our customers and let them tell us what they want to buy, what will solve their problems and what price and terms they want. Then our team comes up with the closest thing to that as possible.”

It must be working since MaxGroup averages 2 to 3 products per client and their retention is among the highest in the industry according to their reports.

“Companies today are too busy selling what they want to sell, and customer service satisfaction is at an all-time low, which frustrates consumers” the company’s CEO Mark Skovron, Ph.D. explains. “One of the things that our clients said to us is that they hate long-term contracts for service, and yet everyone still markets them. So, we decided that our Customer Service Agreement would be month-to-month on all of our services with the customer able to opt-out any time they want. Yet we keep them by providing competitive pricing, but mostly because we excel at customer service.”

It seems MaxGroup gives all of their Customer Care Representatives very broad authority to handle issues on the spot without consulting a manager since the company’s #1 Rule is “Do whatever you have to do to cause the customer to love us!”

“MaxGroup delivers strategic and creative digital solutions that go above and beyond client expectations. It’s our business to get our clients more customers and revenue,” adds Skovron, “we simply treat our customer base the way we would all like to be treated by the companies that serve each of us.”

It would seem that they truly practice their very strong philosophies, and other companies should take notes. Here’s looking at you, phone, internet, utility and all other service companies!

If your business is in need of more sales, branding, new customers seeking you out and an improved digital online presence, contact MaxGroup to discuss what they can do for you. And if you want more education about the mentioned technologies and other tips to help you GROW YOUR BUSINESS, Maxgroup makes that available for free.

About MaxGroup Business Solutions?“It’s Our Business to Get You Business!”

MaxGroup Business Solutions has been providing technology based solutions to help businesses increase revenue since 2010. MaxGroup has a first to market proprietary software program that integrates all popular modes of advertising, marketing, branding and communication for individuals, small businesses, organizations, franchises and Fortune 500 Companies.

For Information About A Career With MaxGroup See: MaxGroup Career Center

MEDIA CONTACT Company Name: MaxGroup Business Solutions, LLC Contact Person: Mark Skovron, Ph.D. | CEO Email: Phone: (888) 670-7771 Country: United States Website:

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