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MaxGroup Media Launches to Dominate Digital Marketing for Clients and to Redefine Branding

“If you don’t have an internet SEO strategy and mobile optimized presence today,

you simply don’t have a business, or won’t have one for much longer.” – Mark Skovron, Ph.D., Author | Digital Branding Expert | CEO

SURPRISE, AZ – 22 May, 2017 – Your Digital Footprint on Google, Yahoo and Bing determine a greater portion of your business income today more than ever before and that’s not going to change. You must make it easy for customers to find you and do business with you on the web.

MaxGroup Business Solutions understands that you want to attract and retain new customers. They have been showing every kind of business from small boutiques to multi-location franchises how to accomplish that predictably and inexpensively for many years.

Using proprietary all-in-one software, they combined unique and proprietary approaches combined with proven and existing strategies. MaxGroup has lead for years and has proven that they know how to increase revenue, while customizing campaigns to increase loyalty and gain additional revenue from a business’s existing customer base.

Since MaxGroup Business Solutions asserts, “One Company. 100% Reach,” naturally they opened an entire division dedicated to becoming the best SEO company in the industry.

I originally was reluctant about entering the SEO marketplace,” recalls Mark Skovron, Ph.D., CEO of MaxGroup.

“It tends even today to be a bit sleazy since every kid who has taken one online course in SEO practices is now promoting themselves as an expert. To make matters even worse, businesses have been pillaged by so-called SEO companies that charge exorbitant fees, lock customers into long-term contracts, and produce little measurable results. This has become a blemish on the industry and a dishonor to businesses worldwide.”

MaxGroup’s CEO explained that the more he thought about it, the more it presented itself as the perfect opportunity to become involved and correct the malfeasance by doing things differently.

Jeff Peltin, SVP, Chief Marketing & Training Officer explained, “Our executive team as well as our top reps in the field came together and held a mastermind session. I drew a line on a whiteboard and we listed everything the SEO industry does wrong on the left side and on the right side, the opposite method of operating. It only took a few minutes to draw out, but took months to put in place. Those notes became our SEO business model and our graphic for our SEO brochure.”

Since by now, everyone paying attention knows that Google’s latest changes have put the most weight for rank (over 70%) on original and valuable content, MaxGroup Business Solutions decided to launch MaxGroup Media with the objective of getting their client’s businesses published to achieve authority, credibility and trust with both Google for rank and their client’s customers for their businesses. This is referred to as the “Google Authority Factor,” and it basically decides where your business and website rank and are returned (or not) in terms of search results for a query.

This is why digital marketing and branding giant MaxGroup Business Solutions, LLC invested the time, resources and money to create MaxGroup Media, a fully licensed and registered media outlet. MaxGroup Media has already become one of the industry leading press release distribution services in digital marketing and public relations by nature of the size of their existing client base. MaxGroup Media has become the preferred service provider for many publicists, marketing & advertising agencies, public relations firms, government agencies and individual companies and organizations. So there is no question; they are committed to the space and they mean business.

So it’s quite easy to understand how important and integral regular press releases have become to overall SEO strategies, digital branding and new customer acquisition. Most SEO companies won’t use press releases because of the cost factor, yet MaxGroup decided to take the full plunge into the industry and has already assembled experienced journalists, editors and professional content writers.

To this end, MaxGroup Media, a MaxGroup Business Solutions company came busting out of the gate with arguably the most comprehensive Press Release Platform with the most amount of syndicating authority out of any fully credentialed news agency. In reality, minus the television platform, they do in fact have the publishing power of The Associated Press.

Their bragging rights include the ability to accomplish:

  • Reach to 100,000+ Journalists instantly

  • Guaranteed Syndication to 500+ Media Outlets

  • Guaranteed Syndication to Top Tier-1 News Networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW

  • Guaranteed Syndication to Google News, Bing News, Google, Yahoo, Bing

  • National, Regional and Local Syndication

  • Maximum Traffic, Visibility and Exposure


Within two weeks from the time our press release went out a person came into the office and mentioned they saw something on ‘Google’ about Implants and he scheduled an appointment for the following week. Good news ‘Googles’ fast.” – Ann Garcia, Dental Practice

“They designed and created our website and they stay on top of our SEO (making sure we are #1 when you google a dentist in our area). It has been a pleasure working with MaxGroup and their staff. My only regret is that we didn’t make this decision sooner.” – Tracy Harle, Office Manager

“Ten years ago, people still relied on morning papers for news. Today, the vast majority of your company’s customers and prospects scan headlines on Twitter or see what’s trending in their Facebook feed. Press releases are a major news source for media outlets.” – HubSpot

“Why use social media? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin, Author, ‘Unleashing the Idea Virus’

“You should start building your social media platform the moment you decide you’re going to sell something, whether that will be two days or 200 days from now.” – Guy Kawasaki, Author, ‘Rich Dad-Poor Dad’


“Branding is one of the most overused words in marketing and advertising today. But still, lots of people talk about it, and yet few understand it. Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer and what you stand for as a company, explains Skovron. “Marketing is all about perception. Once your brand has created a perception in the mind of a customer, it is difficult (if not impossible), and at a minimum – very expensive to change.”

It only makes sense then, that companies such as MaxGroup Business Solutions and MaxGroup Media will thrive in this environment for many years as they continue to get to know their customer’s needs, and implement solutions for their challenges.

‘Find a need and fill it,’ is the oldest commonly quoted explanation about what makes a successful business. If the adage is true, MaxGroup seems to have the competitive advantage. Perhaps even many.


MaxGroup Media

MaxGroup Business Solutions

15331 W. Bell Road – Suite 212

Surprise, AZ 85374

Phone: (888) 670-7771

Media Contact: Company Name: MaxGroup Media Contact Person: Mark Skovron, Ph.D. | Editor in Chief Email: Phone: (888) 670-7771 Address:15331 W. Bell Road, Suite 212 City: Surprise State: Arizona Country: United States Website:

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