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Las Vegas Shooting Proves Need For Instantaneous Mass Mobile Communications

Making a Difference

MaxGroup Business Solutions - a leading provider of text-to-mobile blast messages is donating free text services to non-profits such as schools, worship centers and organizations where leaders could require immediate emergency communication with families, children and their organizational team leaders.

MaxGroup Business Solutions Donating Text to Mobile

Mass Communication to Non-Profits

Politics and personal interpretations of constitutional laws aside, the leadership at MaxGroup Business Solutions, Surprise, Arizona is taking action toward an imperative need that could ease fears, empower better responses, and even save lives. Too often in the case of any emergency such as a shooting, fire, or even a weather or terrorist threat, the fear that strikes every organizational team member and parent, especially when children are involved, can turn to confusion, and even panic.

“Where is my child,” and “How do we instruct our students or congregants to keep them safe,” are the only thoughts dominating teachers, administrators, spiritual leaders and parents trying to organize and provide some structure and instruction of safety during these ever increasing erratic dangerous events.

MaxGroup has always led and demonstrated a legacy of giving and service as outlined on their website in the footer, “Corporate Responsibility”.

Get Involved

From the MaxGroup Business Solutions Website

“Every time we open our doors, onboard a new client, or hire a new teammate, we continue a commitment that's been growing since our humble beginning in 2010. We are committed as a member of our world-community to a brighter future for our clients, our team members, our communities and the greater world we live in.”

Mark Skovron, Ph.D., CEO ponders, “No one can solve all the world’s problems. But what everyone can do is to look for something, anything right in front of them that will improve the life or lives of others, no matter how small, and do that thing.”

“I think it is fair to say that everyone is sick and tired of these chaotic and sometimes avoidable situations,” offers Jeff Peltin, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President. “I am so damned tired of moments of silence and prayers when we should all be doing more. That’s why Mark and I had a meeting with our CFO and General Counsel and decided to practice what we teach – and do what is in front of us that we can do.”

Since MaxGroup is one of the leading text-to-mobile companies in the country, they have decided to donate service plans under certain conditions to non-profits that will enable especially schools and worship centers to have technology in place to be used in the event of much needed emergency communication.


  • Organization must be a 501(c) (3) approved non-profit organization.

  • Organization must demonstrate relevant need to communicate with team members, families, children and others should emergencies require instant and mass communication for safety instructions.

  • Organizations must pay the minimal cost of monthly service maintenance only. MaxGroup will maintain all technology, data lists and supply all text credits at no charge. Accounts will be equipped with features needed to send out emergency text messages within 60 seconds.

  • Organizations will need to fill out an agreement and attest that the service will be used only for emergencies and not for general or commercial purposes.

Selection Process

Each organization will be considered individually by the MaxGroup Community Outreach Committee and free technology will be made available without regard to race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, religious belief, or national origin.

MaxGroup will not provide such services for political organizations or for any organization that appears designated a “hate group” as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Upon selection and accepting the service program, the recipient will be contacted by a project manager who will assist the approved group in getting their account set up, and mobile numbers input into the data base that will be operated at federal government standards of saliency.

The organization will need to appoint two to three authorized persons to be given the access information to the technology, and those individuals will be instructed how to operate this very simple yet extremely effective mass communications system.

All groups participating will need to complete a simple agreement attesting to accepting responsibility about how they use the system, and that it can never be used for commercial or general purposes. There is a very nominal maintenance fee that the organization will absorb to keep the system active and for support purposes.

Any time the system is used for emergencies all the mass communications will be free of charge to the user.

For Consideration

MaxGroup Business Solutions is committed to supplying as many qualifying organizations as possible with this unique technology, but will at some point need to establish a limit. An enormous response is expected.

Interested parties that qualify as defined above should immediately contact the company and get any questions answered and make their interest known be emailing the committee at:

Please Send The Following Information Organization Name: Address: Contact Person: Contact Person Phone: Contact Person Email:

Because of the anticipated interest, incoming phone calls cannot be accepted. Once the committee receives your email, they will conduct a quick verification process and then be in touch with your contact person as soon as possible.


About MaxGroup Business Solutions

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