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MaxGroup Business Solutions, LLC Announces Acquisition of MaxGroup Marketing in St. Louis

MaxGroup Business Solutions, LLC Worldwide Headquarters in Surprise, Arizona

MaxGroup Business Solutions is proud to report that it has acquired MaxGroup Marketing of St. Louis, MO. and is adding it to the growing number of MaxGroup companies worldwide. MaxGroup Marketing provided service to the Greater St. Louis area. This acquisition will mean new options for MaxGroup Marketing clients, current and previous in terms of increased products, services, quality of work product produced, customer service and pricing. The purchase became official October 26, 2017.

Your Business Can Be the Next Success Story that MaxGroup Business Solutions Creates

Since its humble beginnings over a decade ago as a simple SMS Text to Mobile Marketing company to the dominating company in the Digital Creation & Branding space that it operates in today, MaxGroup Business Solutions (MaxGroup) has grown its model with the client in mind.

Every new product or service that MaxGroup has added to its portfolio, the features that are included, and even the pricing are discussed with existing MaxGroup clients and prospective ones before implementation.

Imagine that! MaxGroup is the company that actually consults with its clients about what they want, how they want it, what they want it to achieve and the price and terms before rolling out a product. A lot of bloggers today write about “client facing solutions,” but it would seem that this is how MaxGroup has built their entire business model.


Mark Skovron

Mark Skovron, PhD, the company’s CEO explains “Most businesses today are trying to jam a VHS tape into a DVR. The rules of marketing and sales have changed. Buyers are finding answers to their problems online. Google, online chat-rooms, online media sites and social media will influence the audience you want more than TV, radio, and print advertising combined.”


  • You must engage with consumers where they are: on the web

  • You must have a presence that is authoritative, credible and trustworthy

  • You must rank as high as possible on search engine results

  • You must have pages of content that comes up when someone searches your (biz) name

“Our mission is simple,” adds Jeff Peltin, the company’s Co-Founder, Sr. V.P. and Chief Marketing Officer, “We help individuals, businesses and organizations maximize their online presence with a personalized approach to digital branding, marketing and content communications that is original and edges out your competition. That means we get you found where and when you need to be. Consumers don’t just demand great experiences with your brand, they expect it. So, how do you build real relationships with people that drive purchases? Our consumer marketing solutions let you target and engage the right customers at the moment they are looking, acquire their business, build their loyalty and get referrals.”


  • We connect you with a dedicated expert strategist that will ask questions and listen

  • We then create a customized digital marketing campaign that is effective and affordable

  • We implement what will bring you businesses, track the results, and report them to you

  • Our proprietary systems consistently deliver proven and guaranteed results

100% DONE FOR YOU Imagine if your leads, clients and revenue were totally predictable. They can be. That’s what we do. That’s all we do all day long.

No long-term contracts – MaxGroup only offers month to month

And as far as we can tell, MaxGroup Business Solutions is the only Digital Marketing & Branding Company that guarantees client satisfaction with a money back guarantee (see terms).

MaxGroup launched MaxGroup Media in 2017 which is a Tier-1 news outlet syndicating press releases, articles and other news to 500+ mainstream news outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter news as well as Bloomberg, Inc. Magazine, and many more. MaxGroup also predicted years ago that bloggers would become the #1 source for news and other sought out information for most countries, a trend that has obviously demonstrated itself to be more than true.

Because MaxGroup doesn’t just recognize the importance of bloggers, but uplifts their importance as true unbridled journalism, MaxGroup Media also pushes news and alerts to over 100,000 bloggers which boost’s the bloggers content and provides viable news for their readers.

MaxGroup Media is also a publishing house for E-Books, hardbacks and paperbacks with international points of distribution. The company runs a full service arm of content writing, editing, graphics, cover design, print on demand, as well as pushing to over 35,000 brick and mortar sites and 70+ of the top web resellers.

“If you are a business or are going to open a business, you should be in touch with us immediately for a free consultation to see just what we can do to make you more successful and profitable from day one,” advises Mark Skovron, “And if you’re a blogger, and you wish to be included in our distribution or see another fit for synergy and mutual benefit, call or email me directly. MaxGroup is the bloggers best friend.”

About MaxGroup Business Solutions, LLC

Privately Held Company | D & B Registered CAGE-CODE certified by the Federal Government Vetted by U.S. Office Cyber Security Sole-source provider of text-to-mobile mass communications to the military

Address 15331 W. Bell Road Suite 212 Surprise, AZ 85374

Contact P: (888) 670-7771 F: (727) 279-4631


Media Contact Company Name: MaxGroup Media Contact Person: Mark Skovron, PhD | Editor in Chief Email: Phone: (888) 670-7771 Address: 15331 W. Bell Road, Suite 212 City: Surprise State: Arizona Country: United States Website:

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