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2018 Business Resolutions: Plan on a Menu-Driven Mobile Website

People Searching the Web

The small business owner has several challenges to face when thinking about starting a business, not the least of which is starting and maintaining an effective web presence. If you are not an IT professional, this task can seem quite daunting. As of 2014, there were over one billion websites floating out in cyberspace; with these statistics at hand, the job of creating a quality website and establishing a solid footing in the marketplace is best left up to professionals.

Internet surfing consumers want simplicity when hunting for, finding, and purchasing products. Finding web pages that are difficult to navigate are a definite turn off for them; they want clear cues as to where their clicking is going to take them. Maintaining a webpage that delivers strong, clear messages to consumers will ensure that you not only mean business, but that you can deliver on your products and services.

Let’s take things a step further than internet presence---with the staggering statistic that over 330 million people in the United States alone are cell phone users, we need to up our game a little bit. Our society is largely mobile and wishing to be connected via network at all times. How many of us have ever searched for a new dinner location while in transit, or have been lost and needing to access directions using a mobile device? We have all been in similar situations, and we have all fallen victim to various “mobile” sites that were not mobile compatible. Zooming in, out, and clicking multiple times, only to wait while an incompatible page tries to load on a mobile device, is a deal breaker. Businesses that do not offer mobile device compatibility are losing customers by the minute, and the only way to stay current and stay in business is to become mobile device compatible with all of your technological offerings.

What Is A Mobile Menu Driven Website?

Menu-Driven Mobile Website

Mobile menu-driven websites are sites that are designed to function effectively on smartphones and other smart devices. The days of having to go to a computer or log onto a laptop to perform an internet search will soon be over. Most mobile users will quickly abandon a website that isn’t compatible with their device, and abandonment equals lost profits. A mobile menu-driven website is tailored to best work on a mobile device by way of links, active buttons, and icons. It makes the task of site navigation even easier, and provides direct communication between you, the business owner, and the customer wishing to do business with you.

The mobile menu-driven website is your way of standing out as it provides an enhanced level of excitement to the person searching. Studies have proven that millennials in particular, actually change their body language favorably, and are immediately more interested in the mobile site that populates their device with interesting icons and tabs. In this way, a simple site acts as if it is an App, without taking up memory on a viewer’s device since it is stored on a server waiting to be summoned at a moments notice. An improved surfing experience will almost always ensure that customers are more likely to do business via your website. Chances are, if you are in a public area these days, you see people everywhere using their mobile devices. Providing a mobile experience for customers searching for your business is critical to your success and growth.

What Will A Mobile Menu Driven Website Do For Your Business? Well, budding business professional, a mobile menu driven website will, for starters, connect you with millions of people on the go each day that are not tied to computers or other technology. You’ve just exposed yourself to millions of prospective clients and customers, increased your visibility and enhanced your profit margin. You will improve the overall surfing experience of your customers, making them more likely to do business with you. Being you are providing such stellar customer service, word of mouth advertising will be flowing from satisfied customers to friends and family, expanding your influence even further. A well functioning mobile website communicates the message to consumers that you are current and evolving as the market evolves. Customers experience an increased sense of confidence that you are a seasoned professional who knows how to manage demand. A mobile website places you one step closer to customers, providing them with a more individualized level of service.

Mobile menu-driven websites offer more efficiency and speed of service. Aligning with current web standards and offering current, relevant content on your site communicates the message of professionalism to customers. A confident customer is more likely to purchase and begin a relationship with your company. A mobile menu-driven website will also make your business stand out as unique brand identities of your company, which is another aspect of your business you can own and use to attract new customers.

On a mobile menu-driven website, you can offer additional conveniences to your customers that do not exist with regular internet sites. Elements such as mapping, click to call, and simple information such as business hours and other logistical information make contacting you only a phone call or a simple drive away. Customers that can find you can purchase from you; the easier you make this process for them, the more profitable you will be.

Mobile menu-driven websites give you a competitive edge over other businesses who have not yet joined the mobile market. Customers that are on the go can literally find you anytime, anywhere. Search Engine Optimization is greatly enhanced as well, due to the volume of people searching at any given time for websites. Your products and services can be accessed 24/7, making you even more exposed to the global market.

Lastly, maintaining a mobile menu-driven website is much more cost effective than developing and maintaining an application for a smart device. With a mobile website, there is no need to develop for a specific platform such as Android, Apple, Windows, etc. Mobile websites work on all platforms, and unlike applications, there is no need to constantly update them due to the evolving nature of smart devices. Keeping operating costs low while increasing your exposure to a larger consumer population is key to maximizing profits.

MaxGroup Business Menu-Driven Mobile Websites

How Does A Mobile Menu-Driven Website Work?

This is not 1997 anymore---the era of all text and no images is long gone. Customers are looking for eye catching simplicity and ease of use, especially when they are on the go. Streaming large amounts of data is commonplace, making it easier than ever to provide eye catching logos, icons, even video, to capture the attention of your consumers. A mobile menu-driven website specializes in condensing the best parts of your website and making them accessible to everyone with a handheld device. Though mobile menu-driven websites may seem simpler in design and functionality, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are easy to build. Finding professional web developers that work well within the confines of phone hardware and advanced coding techniques is of utmost importance. Your electronic impression begins the minute a customer loads a page on their device, and within the first ten seconds of navigation, a decision has been made as to whether a purchase will be made or not, based on how easy you’ve made it for them to connect with you. Choose your association with a company that specializes in improving your search ranking and online presence wisely.

Finding The Right Builder For Your Growing Business The average person travels to work every morning in a car that they have a basic working knowledge of, but they would have no idea how to construct a working vehicle from the ground up. The same way, you might have a basic working knowledge of how a website works, but are you really willing to stake your business reputation on something you have skeletal knowledge of? There is a wealth of information on the internet today on coding and website building techniques, but taking the time to research and develop, and then market that which you have created would take an enormous amount of time. Leverage your time, money and resources by taking a look at a quality SEO optimization company that could set up internet technology, advertising, and SEO best practices for you. At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we specialize in creating a formidable online presence for all of our businesses so that you can focus on aspects of your business that you are more familiar with. We guarantee our work will increase your profits and visibility exponentially. Winning the internet game is all about being visible and accessible to customers. More than that -- it is always about distinguishing your brand as the best, and causing human behavior to be in your favor by choosing your business. Make the informed decision to include MaxGroup in your business plans and watch your profitability reach levels you’ve previously only dreamed of. Here’s to your success!

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