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5 Reasons You Must Use Mobile Text Marketing

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So you’ve launched yourself a new business, and you are now in the throes of making sure your company makes a profit as soon as possible. What do you find yourself most in need of right now? That’s right…..customers! Traffic, exposure, a massive advertising campaign that puts you at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it comes to purchasing the product you have to offer is on the top your mind, or it better be.

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock for the last ten years, you know that it is extremely difficult to create a strong web presence without professional assistance from people who know what it takes to be noticed on the vast web. As of February 2017, the internet was home to a staggering 4.66 billion websites, with that number climbing higher daily. Finding a place, yet alone a presence, on the web has become one of the biggest challenges that a small business faces as it gains its footing in the market.

Thanks to the innovation of the smartphone, and the fact that nearly everyone now owns or operates one on a regular basis, it has become possible for you to reach an enormous customer base not only through mobile web applications, but also due to mobile text marketing. Mobile text marketing is the latest innovation in effective advertising, and it is a necessary component to making your business a success.

What Is Mobile Text Marketing? Mobile text marketing, or SMS (Short Message Service) marketing, is the process of sending advertising messages via mobile phone. It is the most effective way to market to the masses, as it gets your content delivered almost instantaneously to thousands, if not millions, of potential clients. Anyone with a handheld or mobile device is now a potential customer of yours---the more exposure you have, the more business you are likely to generate.

Why Use Text Marketing? By the year 2020, it is predicted that over 90 percent of adults will either own or operate a smartphone on a daily basis. Mobile internet usage is quickly overtaking traditional internet access, as it is simply more convenient for people. SMS marketing is considered a more direct and personal form of advertising, and as such it is getting a greater response than traditional forms of advertising. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep up with the times; this includes using innovative forms of technology and marketing strategies to promote your business. Text marketing is an essential component to any successful business.

Text Marketing Increases Sales

Reasons Why You Should Be Moving Toward Text Marketing In Your Business

  1. Immediate Exposure To Existing And Potential Customers Traditional advertising requires weeks and months of planning, preparation, and execution. With mobile text marketing, your message can be personalized and sent out in a manner of minutes. If you are in need of a quick influx of cash for your business, you don’t necessarily have the time to wait on traditional forms of marketing; mobile text marketing will allow you to reach your existing and potential new customers almost instantly. With this, though, comes the unique challenge of censoring your marketing strategies to ensure that the messages you are sending out are giving your customers the right information and impression of your business.

  2. Direct Communication With Clients Text marketing is a very direct form of advertising to potential customers. Because of the “opt-in” feature that must be implemented with mobile text marketing, you aren’t necessarily having to generate business in a cold market environment. Customers have already agreed to receive communication and messages from you because they want to hear from you, so some of the work of selling your products and services has already been done. The more direct and targeted your messages are, the more likely they will be effective in generating income for you. With other forms of advertising, such as print ads or mass mailers, you are appealing to a large audience, but what is your return on investment? With mobile text marketing, you know exactly who receives your information---people who originally requested communication from you.

  3. Personalized Service Because the number of characters that a text message is limited to (160), it is essential that your message be succinct and direct. You have the option to make your messages personally tailored to a certain demographic, or you may choose to send a reminder or birthday wish to a few select clients. This sends the message that their business is important to you, and that you wish to continue your professional relationship with them. It is a nice touch to consider when clients are returning for repeat business, or if they are looking to refer your business to family and friends.

  4. Cost Effective And Innovative In order for an advertising initiative to be considered effective, there must be an adequate ROI, or return on investment. Looking at trends over time, along with advertising costs balanced against profit, will tell you if what you are doing is an effective strategy for marketing your business. Traditional advertising can cost thousands of dollars, and many times there is no guarantee that you will achieve an adequate return on investment. The cost for mobile text marketing, once it is set up, is typically quite low. Your customer base has been established, and you are free to send out advertising campaigns, reminders, and coupons over and over again. Statistics show that almost 90 percent of messages are opened within five minutes of receipt---with action like that, it is a certainty that your business will grow.

  5. Simple! With many web based applications now making it easier than ever to send out messages almost instantaneously, even the most technologically challenged business owner can use mobile text marketing to grow their business. With many SMS services costing as little as $100 per month to reach out to your entire customer base with as many as 24 features, there is no reason NOT to use this as a very effective means to grow your business.

With companies that now specialize in setting up a strong internet presence for business owners, adding mobile text messaging to your advertising campaign is a must for any growing business. At MaxGroup, we take all of the heavy lifting from you and provide services that boost sales for your business. SMS marketing is one of the most effective tools for growth in the market today---let us provide a comprehensive package of advertising and promotion services that will take your business to the next level. Your success is our success!

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