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You Are Who The Internet Says You Are--The Case For Digital Branding

Digital Marketing by MaxGroup Business Solutions

Most people agree that first impressions are impactful events. Whether it’s the first impression of a company, a school, a realtor, or even an individual, the initial impact is significant. Because the majority of people search for products and resources online, the information you as the business owner or marketer place out into cyberspace is critical to your success.

Your first impression will either attract customers or leave them unfulfilled and ready to move on to the next cyber-peddler with similar products and services. What will set you apart? What will make you attractive to customers? What will keep those customers coming back for more? What is your "USP"? That stands for Unique Selling Proposition, and you need to master it!

The answer: Only Digital Branding will.

You Are What Your Web Content Says About You The fact of the matter is, you have mere seconds to make your first impression of yourself and your brand. Are you up for the challenge? You either make an immediate impact with your sizzling digital content, or your potential customers will move on to someone who will. Once the prospect has bounced from your site, you may never have another chance to make an impression on that individual again.

The pressure is on! So….what do you do about making that killer first impression in seconds, attracting customers with your sizzling content? Let’s talk about the importance of digital branding in today’s online business world.

What Is Digital Branding? Digital branding is branding and marketing technique that utilises internet branding, digital marketing, and other digital technologies to create a unique presence that makes an impact on viewers. You’ve all seen the trademark Nike logo accompanied by the key phrase, “Just Do It.” It inspires effort, determination, and a resolute passion to achieve peak performance.

Great digital branding has the power to Create a sense of the nostalgic and create a powerful emotional connection surrounding your content and is a crucial element needed to attract and retain customers. They will remember what makes them “feel,” what makes them “remember,” what makes them “associate” with strong emotions.

"You are who the internet says you are; no more and no less." - Mark Skovron, PhD

The goal of digital branding is to make connections between products and consumers resulting in brand recognition in the digital world. Enhancing brand awareness and making connections to image and style will create a loyal customer base. Ultimately, best-in-class branding will also result in referrals, and there exists the possibility that your offering will go viral.

Stand Out and Attract Customers

Why Is Digital Branding Important To My Business? Having a strong web presence and a unique brand for your product is essential to business success, as the battle for customer loyalty begins with the first click and view of your website. It is imperative that you spend time researching, developing, and shaping your brand and the image you want it to convey.

FACT: Most new business owners will strive to spend the minimum possible on their website, even attempting to create the site themselves to save a few shekels. As they do so without any regard to keyword research, colour affiliation, cognitive content association, and many other strategies that make for a website with a magnetic presence, they doom their success before even before the website launch.

Your brand is your message and promise of service to your consumer; it is a promise of what is to come as a result of doing business with you.

Your unique brand is a foundational piece of your marketing plan. It is the image and message that you wish to convey to your customers from their very first exposure to you. It is essential that your brand makes an impact on those who view you; first impressions are vital to your success in business.

Your brand is a guide to understanding your company’s purpose, philosophy, and objectives. It is used to align your marketing strategies with your customer preferences to form healthy relationships with them.

“Any great company can produce great results for their clients. I want everyone in our company to authentically care so much about our clients, that consistently producing the best results possible are the natural byproduct of our mindfulness and commitment to them.” Mark Skovron, PhD

A brand creates customer buy-in and customer loyalty. It also affects employee loyalty as well, for it gives a mission for your company, products, and services. It helps everyone involved to understand the purpose of your organisation.

How Do I Go About Branding My Product?

Speak To Your Audience

Speak to your audience. Before you convey an image, you must know to whom you are speaking. You must create the "why and the need" for your product or service, and you must be able to convey with a sense of urgency why the consumer needs it now.

The most successfully launched brands know their demographics before they begin any marketing campaign to attract business. Get to know your potential customers, learn to communicate using their language, and watch the connecting begin!

  • “Dress” for success. Know your audience, and discover what motivates them to buy and to remain loyal to your brand. Use digital formats, fonts, even colours, that communicate an image that you wish to convey. It might not be so easy to trust an automobile repair webpage with a lace backdrop and hot pink font as part of its web design. Make sure your artistic choices are those that will inspire confidence in your product. Choosing print materials and device applications with matching styles indicates that you are interested in making a robust and consistent impression, no matter where potential customers run across your campaign.

  • Stand Up Straight. Use your unique brand materials to convey your confidence in yourself and your business. Embrace social media and post about new products and services regularly. Toot your own horn about your company, your philosophy, and your product offerings. Don’t be afraid to talk about what sets you apart and makes you unique. Lastly, hook your viewers with a “walk your talk” approach. Tell them what sets you apart, and deliver the goods. Be bold, be daring, and make that impression that will not only make you attractive enough to buy from but also attractive enough to be referred.

  • Mirror, mirror. Know enough about your potential audience to speak the language that is understandable and relatable. Find out what attracts your audience, and use it. Mirror keyword choices and even body language across all media formats. If you make customers feel at ease through the use of language, imagery, and actions, they will feel more comfortable establishing a relationship with you.

  • Play Up Your Features. Emphasize what makes you and your company unique. Play up what sets you apart from the competition. Showcase the latest promotions and offers, and debut new products dramatically and excitingly.

You are passionate about your products and services that and that infectious excitement will be communicated to your potential customers as well. They will be delighted to do business with you!

Express Your True Self. Communicate who you are through your history, your products, and your company philosophy. Tell your story to get your readers to connect with you. Show your audience why you began your business, and where you intend to go with them. Making connections by sharing personal stories and passions will inspire people and build a sense of trust and loyalty.

"Facts tell, but stories sell." - Mark Skovron, PhD

Invite others to share their stories and experiences via social media and email to find out more about your customer base, then use those stories to craft additional product offerings to keep them coming back for more. Let your passion for your purpose shine through; people appreciate authenticity. Show your true self, and your genuine business relationships will form almost effortlessly.

Let’s Get Started!

Create a Business Plan

Sit down and define for yourself and your co-workers what represents you, your company, and your products and services. Now, if you are internet savvy and you have years of experience in digital marketing, web design, and search engine optimisation, GO FOR IT! Build your empire, launch, your ad campaign, and watch the profits roll right in.

However, if your strengths lie elsewhere, such as in the development of high-quality products or customer communication, then perhaps you should consider outsourcing this enormous task to digital marketing and product branding experts. When starting a new business, it is imperative that you leverage both time and resources in ways that make you even more productive. If this means hiring experts that will help you get to the next level in your business, then it is money and time well spent.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This belief is especially true in the digital world, where your competitors are merely a few clicks away. The professionals at MaxGroup Business Solutions have the strategies, expertise, impeccable attention to detail, and proven track record that will get you noticed in the vast digital marketplace. They will take your business to the next level in sales, professionalism, and quality. Branding your product with MaxGroup is the next step on your journey to the top. Visit today to make your visions and dreams a reality.

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