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How A Press Release Can Explode Your Business!

Press Release

You may be a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience and success under your belt, or you might be the proud owner of a recent startup. Either way, you are looking forward to building your future and freeing yourself from the confines of someone else’s jurisdiction, you most likely understand the power that effective advertising and publicity have on the profitability of your business.

You may be playing with ideas or getting ready to launch a new product or service. A new book may be in the future for you and your organization, and it’s time to broadcast the news about how fabulous you are and how everyone in the world needs your products and services. You are the latest and greatest, you are the next best thing, and people need what you are offering.

Now what? If you’re fortunate, you could pull together a small event to launch the next phase of your business. If you are especially tech-savvy, you might know how to push out a promotional video or send out a blog post that will reach current and potential customers.

Let’s be real here--do you have the time to make a promotional video? Do you have a party planner at your disposal to throw together an amazing event? Are you an accomplished writer who knows how to hook readers and convince them through the use of flowering and persuasive language that you and your company are credible? We need to maximize our time and use our advertising dollars most efficiently to ensure that we are making a profit almost every step of the way.

So….what do we do next?

You send out a PRESS RELEASE!

What Is A Press Release? A press release is a short, professionally crafted statement that is sent out to targeted members of the media. The purpose of a press release is to grab the attention of members of media, journalists, and bloggers who would find your information newsworthy and exciting. A press release can cover topics ranging from new products and services to the addition of staff, changes in administration, or upcoming offerings for interested customers. Press releases are specifically written to be engaging and attention-grabbing; the goal is to hook readers and inspire them to seek out valuable information about you, your products, and your company.

How Can Press Releases Benefit Me, A Business Owner? Well written press releases deliver exceptional results for any business, regardless of size, profit margins or industry, and they make you visible to people that can continue to promote your business as credible market voices. Let’s be honest--unless you are a company like Apple, Google, or Mercedes Benz, people don’t usually sit up and take notice of what you are doing unless you take the time to promote yourself through press releases.

A powerfully written press release is a platform for you, the expert, to share insight, opinion, and expert advice as a leader in your field. It is also an excellent way to market new products and services that might otherwise be undetected in the vast marketplace that is the world wide web.

Press Release To The Media

Benefits Of Press Release Use In Marketing Strategies There are several benefits of using press releases in marketing strategies. According to internet branding experts, releases should be sent out a minimum of three to four times per year to keep you and your page content relevant and competitive. Other benefits of using press releases to laud your company and its exceptional products include:

  • Instant Exposure To Media Outlets. With most business operating within a budget, there are only so many dollars to spend on advertising and marketing tools. You want the most bang for your buck, and a press release is an absolute best first choice. Creating sizzling content that will knock readers off their feet and get them to research your company and products further is key to making sure that you get noticed. Press releases build credibility with media sources, who then choose to feature and write about you in their publications, pushing your content out into the world through their much more full circle of influence. Where else could you get such exceptional coverage for such decisive action.

  • Increased Potential For Sales. Obviously, if more people are taking notice of you and your company, your potential to create customer relationships and incur more sales grows. Highlighting key features of your services or the latest and greatest product offerings that you tote will draw readers to your website, where they can purchase from you. At times, it is even appropriate to announce company news such as technological advances, new partnerships with other companies, and additional acquisitions that are of interest to your clientele; anything that you would consider newsworthy and interesting to you will cause people to sit up and take notice of you. Providing sizzling and passionate content will create excitement in even the most mundane announcement; so don’t be afraid to play with exciting language to cause others to take notice as well. Of course, a best-in-class press release service like MaxGroup Media, for example, will have seasoned journalists on staff to compose your content in a news-friendly way, so the media widely publish it and you.

  • More Effective Marketing. A press release campaign is a low-cost option with almost immediate results on your marketing effectiveness. This tool is designed to be controlled by message creators and experts who know what they want to say, and who they want their audience to be. Reaching the right people in the proper context will allow your message to be delivered to the masses by professionals who know how to create outstanding content. More exposure = more sales. It’s that simple.

  • Opportunities To Brand Yourself An Expert. Press releases are a great way to establish credibility as an authority and expert in your field of expertise. As you create yourself as an expert in your field, your messages will serve as an extension of your brand to unique attributes of your products and services, and your reputation will do the sales work for you. Just imagine that this press release is about YOU!

  • Increased Traffic. Press releases are designed to drive traffic to your landing pages. At any point in time, over 80 million web surfers are looking for products, stories, and engaging content. Boosting your exposure with an explosive press release that drives some of that traffic to your site will most certainly result in increased sales.

  • New Opportunities To Reach Your Audience. Distribution of press releases is content specific and targeted to particular individuals, meaning your message will end up in front of the eyeballs of your most desired audience. Your targeted audience will be more likely to respond to your calls to action, and you can make and create a bold statement with a release that might otherwise be considered brazen in other formats. Press releases are the outlet for your bragging rights when built professionally. This new type of media outlet will be a refreshing twist on a message that you might have sent out many times before, but its new twist will cause your customers to sit up and take notice this time.

  • Mass Distribution Across Many Channels. People use all sorts of media to connect with others, so it is vital that you begin to communicate across as many platforms as possible. Press releases ensure coverage via print, screen, radio and most importantly online news, search engine news sites and on all social media outlets. You will expand your circle of influence with the use of this type of marketing strategy and build the credibility of yourself, your business and your offerings.

  • Stable Relationships With Journalists Press releases create stronger ties with journalists looking to stay current and up to date with newsworthy facts and information. It is a win-win situation when the two of you find each other, for you each help the other accomplish the exposure you are both seeking. Journalists generally however only work with reputable and established companies. MaxGroup Media is a Tier-1 news outlet and can syndicate to 500+ media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW and more. The MaxGroup reach includes a blogger list that exceeds 100,000 and blogging is the future of news. Consider that Huffington Post is the world's largest news media forum, and it started and remains a blog essentially.

  • Attraction Of Investors. A press release, without a doubt, is the most cost-effective way to become visible to others. Besides making your products more desirable and attracting more clients, press releases also can draw the roaming eyes of future investors looking to partner with businesses and help fuel them to fruition.

Increase SEO Ranking

SEO Juice

The SEO benefits of press releases cannot be overstated. Optimizing your web content with a few well-chosen keywords, anchor text and a handful of expertly placed links in your press release will drive up your search engine listing, making you more visible to the public. The higher your rankings, the more you benefit from this visibility. Press releases and search engine optimization will drive traffic to your site.

Most importantly to any businesses online long-game is your URLs DA or domain authority. DA operates on a scale of 1 to 100. The more Google and other search engines trust your site, the higher your DA score.

Google has many different measurements that they use to attribute trust or SEO juice to your site. But the #1 cause of an increased DA, all other things being equal are backlinks from authoritative sites. So that begs the question; "If MaxGroup can get Google News own site to publish your story, isn't it reasonable to expect that Google will increase its trust toward you?" A rhetorical question after all.

I’m Sold On Press Releases. Now What? Do you try to write them yourself? Do you hire out? How on earth is a press release crafted, anyway? What language is most useful in getting your point across, and to whom should you target your message? Journalist and media outlets including bloggers all have editorial guidelines, after all, that must be addressed by only seasoned writers if you intend on seeing your story indexed on sites such as Google News, Yahoo News, and AOL News.

If these questions seem overwhelming, maybe it’s time to consider hiring out this most important work to public relations professionals who make it their mission to increase your visibility. One of the most critical expenses a business owner has is advertising and marketing strategies; you want to maximize your effectiveness while minimizing your overhead cost.

MaxGroup Business Solutions: Taking It To The Next Level

MaxGroup Business Solutions

MaxGroup Business Solutions and d/b/a MaxGroup Media is an established and influential brand and has spent many years on getting two things that every new business needs but doesn't yet have but needs: influence and access.

Partnering with MaxGroup to design a customized branding and marketing plan for your business will be the best investment you’ve ever made. With other competitors merely nipping at their heels, they remain head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to their unparalleled customer service, professionalism, and measurable results.

You can peek at the most exhaustive FAQ about press releases right HERE.

Trust no one else to bring your company to the next level; you do not have the time to research and develop strategies for success that they already have in place. Contact today to reserve your spot at the top of the list.

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