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Tips And Tricks For Boosting Your Online Presence

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No matter what size your current business is, it is becoming essential that you have a strong online presence in order to see continued business growth. Novices and seasoned business owners alike need to recognize the power of the internet and what it can do for your growth and expansion. A term being thrown around right now in business circles is “optimizing.” Just what does optimizing mean, and how does it pertain to your success?

We’ll demystify some of this process for you, and give you some tried and true tips on boosting your online presence just in time for the holiday shopping surge that is upon us. Buckle up, grab some coffee, and prepare to take some notes. You’re about to read some inside industry secrets for building your online brand and establishing yourself as an industry leader!

What is an online presence, anyway?

Simply put, an online presence is any interaction that you’ve had as well as the identities that you have created through posting of content that shapes your brand and how it is perceived. It includes all social media postings, photos, and pages that come up when you and your company are “Googled.” Online presence is something that must be shaped carefully as you build your business, as you want your overall message to be consistent with your company’s vision, goals, and values.

Your online presence becomes a digital salesforce, going to work for you and pulling in prospects that see your web content, becoming interested in what you have to offer. Online presence has the potential to attract and retain clients steadily, provided that you are diligent about your interactions and offerings. If you are not one that has a lot of experience in generating a strong online presence, no worries. Follow these simple guidelines and dominate the internet in no time.

Tip #1--Make sure your website is optimized for mobile viewing and use.

With an increasing number of consumers accessing and using the internet while on the go, mobile-friendly websites are essential if you want to retain customers. As of 2016, the number of mobile website users exceeded that of desktop users, and this number continues to climb. Google also has indicated that mobile-friendly websites should be pushed higher in the rankings, so making sure you are optimized for on-the-go access is necessary if you want to stay in the running. There are mobile-friendly test tools that you can use to view your web content to see if you make the cut; you can see first hand how Google views you when they do a search for the most mobile-friendly websites related to your content.

Tip #2--Incorporate a blog and regularly post quality content using this form of communication with your clients.

Everyone is familiar with the phrase, “content is king.” It really is true, though. If you find yourself intimidated by the thought of blogging, consider outsourcing this type of work to professionals who can spin a tale and maximize your profits. If you are offering promotions and information that will be of use to current and future prospects, you are engaged in the most effortless form of selling that there is. You tell the tale, you let people know what you are all about, and you let them come and search for you when they determine that your information and products are of value to them. Continue to build relationships with them by telling stories, offering question and answer sessions, and promoting new products and services that you may be selling. A strong blog presence will become the cornerstone of your online presence, so start telling your story!

Tip #3--Improve your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of becoming visible on the vast world wide web. Just how do you obtain a coveted position on Google’s number one page, ensuring that millions of people will have access to your web content? Through a focus on creating quality web content, regularly refreshing your website, and strategic use of keywords, you can get noticed by Google’s web crawlers, landing a top position that could potentially net you some serious profits. Use of effective SEO strategies will increase your visibility, drive potential leads to your website, and ultimately increase your sales. If sales is a numbers game, then you need those “numbers” to view you. Focus on your SEO strategy and build your business.

Tip #4--Invest in an online advertising campaign.

While optimizing SEO can take a bit of time, investing in a solid online advertising campaign such as Google Adwords can start to stimulate profits almost immediately. When people perform a search on Google, they are typically looking for a particular product or service that you may be able to provide them. When searches get this specific, customers are already at the point that they will buy what is placed before them; this is why a program like Adwords is so effective at returning profits. In addition, running ad campaigns on sites like Linkedin and Instagram are also effective, provided that you know what type of demographic you are targeting for sales. If you are catering to the business professional, you’ll probably want to steer clear of sites like Instagram and Facebook, as these typically attract consumers that are younger in age. However, if your target audience is 18-25 years old, some of these social media platforms would be more effective at generating profits.

Tip #5--Be active on social media.

Social networking isn’t just for kids anymore--any savvy business owner knows that these websites can be used to your advantage. Web word travels fast, and if customers that you reach on social media are satisfied with your products and services, they are likely to promote them to other friends and followers on social media. In doing so, they have just increased your potential customer base exponentially. Be aware of what you are saying on social media, and post only what you are comfortable being seen by a vast audience of opinionated and discriminating consumers. You want to make sure your attempts at building a respected brand aren’t thwarted by wayward social media posts.

Tip #6--Get yourself listed on key directory sites.

Businesses that register with top sites like Google, Yelp, CitySearch, and MyBusiness are more likely to receive top SEO rankings. In addition, being registered with these sites will ensure that when customers do search for products and services, those most closely related to them will pop up in results. Why miss out on a bit of free promotion that these websites could offer you? Register and establish yourself as a local authority as well as an online business mogul.

Building an online presence is quite simple, if you commit to following some simple steps to become more visible and work on creating long-lasting, meaningful and mutually profitable relationships with clients and customers. If working the web is not your forte, we know someone who can help you………

MaxGroup Business Solutions: A Leader In Online Business Explosion!

The internet is going to tell your story, whether you are ready for it or not. How would you like to shape your story and make it one that is sought after and coveted? Make your customers flock to your doorstep with our one of a kind branding and SEO promotion packages. At MaxGroup, we know business, and we know how important your online presence is. We can work with you to develop your dream story and present it in such a way that it will make you irresistible to millions of potential customers. The only question that remains is: Are you ready to handle the success that is inevitable as a result of partnering with us? Contact us today to find out how we can skyrocket you to success. Visit to take that next exciting step toward the business of your dreams!

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