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SEO: What's In It For Me

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There’s quite a stir around SEO these days. If you are not new to the business world, you’ve heard that SEO can revolutionize your business. If you are a novice, you need to know about this small but very significant way that you can increase your business exponentially. Read on to find out about SEO and what’s in it for you as a business owner. First off, what is SEO? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making your business more visible in search results. SEO uses creative and technical elements to improve your rankings, drive traffic, and increase brand awareness. Search engine algorithms look for keywords, specific word combinations, and quality content to justify moving you up in search engine page rankings. If your website and mobile pages are optimized for search engine results, you will appear higher on search engine pages, which means you will appear in more searches as customers look for products and services that appeal to them. Search Engine Optimization is needed to boost your online presence and sales. Why do I need to know about SEO? There are some very valid reasons that you as a business owner should be making nice with the process of Search Engine Optimization. First of all, it provides your users with a fantastic and relevant customer service experience when they visit your website. Word of mouth travels fast---when your customers are happy, they will tell family and friends about you. This is the best form of advertising there is because it doesn’t cost you anything! Make those customers happy, and additional business will take care of itself. Another reason you want to be concerned with SEO when building your business is that it provides search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing some much-needed information about you. The more quality content you create and post, the more likely it will be that you rank in top search engine listings when potential customers are looking for products and services like yours. SEO: What’s In It For Me? There are some marked benefits that you will experience as a business owner if you choose to invest some of your advertising dollars in it. Here is what you can expect as a result of wisely investing in Search Engine Optimization: 1. You’ll be giving your users the optimal internet buying experience. This translates into additional sales for you as scores of satisfied customers naturally network through social media and in person to keep more business coming your way. Working to optimize your web and mobile content will keep those satisfied customers coming and a steady stream of profits sending you toward your goals. 2. You’ll be reaching a much larger audience. For some reason, people tend to trust search engine results; we don’t question what Google places in the top ten spots on their search results page. If Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery pops up in the top three, we all assume that they must have the best eclairs in town, and we rush right out to get some. Google talks, we walk. You can take advantage of this by working with Google to become more visible in search results, and you will see an upsurge in the number of people contacting you for inquiries on your products and services. Get ready for the additional business!

3. SEO provides the optimal opportunity for lead conversion. You know that if people find you due to their search engine activity, they are already looking for what you have to offer. Half the battle is now over--now all you have to do is convince them that you are the best that the internet has to offer, and you’ve closed a sale. Work on creating quality content that closes sales, and as people find you, they will be drawn in by your engaging conversation and passion for your products. The rest is history.

4. You’ll be achieving brand recognition almost effortlessly. If Denny’s 5th Avenue Bakery regularly shows up in search results, sooner or later you are bound to click on it to see what they have to offer. Becoming a brand that is associated with quality and excellence of service will pay for itself many times over as you quickly rise to the top.

5. You’ll gain valuable insight into your customers and their preferences. Google analytics has the amazing ability to track information about your customers and give you useful information that could lead to future sales and even future product developments specific to your target audience. Information such as preferred browsers, time of activity, what types of products they tend to purchase, how much they are spending will all be very valuable to you as you seek to fill their needs. Creating quality content around your customers’ needs will be a sure pathway to a sale. Content is always king, but you can use Google to assist you in creating the best content for your audience. Can I Do Search Engine Optimization On My Own? You can try. Ask the following questions before attempting to optimize SEO on your own: Am I willing to learn a new skill set? Do I have additional time to devote to learning the intricacies of SEO? Am I proficient in the process of building a website? Can I troubleshoot issues with technology? Do I have time to analyze data and formulate my responses based on my findings? Can you see where this is going yet? MaxGroup Business Solutions: Your Answer For Effortless SEO Your solution is in our name---we are your best solution for all things SEO and Internet marketing. With customized packages that work with any business budget, we will take your business and skyrocket you to success. We hope that page one of Google is good enough for you--get ready to fill more product orders than you’ve previously dreamed about! Visit us today to see how we might partner with you and help you build the business of your dreams. Visit for more information. Here’s to your continued success!

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