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Outsourcing Talent To Leverage Business Results

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There are many great leaders in business today. Are you one of them? Great leaders achieve success by being consistent and improving their skills daily. In addition, they use their strengths to make their business stronger.

Even the strongest leader has a finite supply of energy and resources. At some point, any business is going to grow beyond the point where a single person can manage all day to day tasks by himself. Great leaders then have to rely on their expertise in hiring and training new talent to pass on smaller tasks so that they can focus on big-picture items.

One of the most effective things that a good leader can do is outsource talent. Assessing one’s own areas of weakness and finding people to strengthen your organization is a very wise move that can grow your business exponentially.

What is outsourcing?

Simply put, outsourcing is finding talent to enhance your day to day business practices in areas where you may not have knowledge or expertise. One of the most effective forms of outsourcing for business leaders today is digital outsourcing--hiring independent contractors to do work on tasks like payroll, managing media content, and virtual assistant duties. For all of you control freaks out there, rest assured. It has been proven that outsourcing some day to day operations of your business is a fantastic way to leverage your time and money. Here are some ways that outsourcing talent can leverage your business results:

  • Outsourcing is cost effective. Hiring, training, and compensating full-time employees is serious business. Today’s qualified employee expects not only compensation, but a benefits package and possibly a 401K to go with the job offer. Hiring talent in the form of independent contractors reduces your need to spend money on training and frees you from the obligation of providing benefits packages. If your talent knows that they are signing on for, there is little possibility of a misunderstanding that could terminate a profitable business relationship.

  • Outsourcing is talent that is already skilled. When you outsource, you have the option to search all kinds of mediums to find talent that fits your needs and exceeds all of your expectations. There is no need to hire or train, and you can provide work that matches a skill set perfectly. Outsourcing tends to cost you less as well, with many independent contractors offering a low rate in exchange for time and schedule freedom.

  • Outsourcing saves time. Contractors that specialize in a specific type of work tend to work quickly. They often meet or even beat deadlines, and they are eager to take on more as their schedules allow. Be clear in your expectations with your contractors, and give project timelines according to what they have statistically been able to handle. You’ll save both time and money.

  • Outsourcing can provide better services. Contracting work is very competitive, and anyone worth employing is going to be very diligent about competing for a coveted spot. Independent contractors compete for your work, and they are eager to please. They will exceed expectations in anticipation of creating a solid working relationship with you. Set the bar high and communicate with them often, giving them feedback on their work and their services.

  • Outsourcing is more flexible. Paid employees are picky about work hours. They punch a clock--in at 8, done by 5, and rarely do they deviate from this schedule. In contrast to the paid employee, outsourced talent works around the clock. They are flexible with deadlines, work hours, and even the workload they can take on. There is seldom one job description for outsourced talent. Being clear in your contract with your talent will define the parameters of your working relationship, and give you a bit more freedom to redefine their role in your company as you see fit.

  • Outsourcing gives a chance to focus on the bigger picture. No matter how efficient you are with your time, energy, and resources, no one can handle every aspect of running a business alone. Learning to step aside and let other people take over some of the smaller details will allow you to focus on bigger picture tasks, letting you participate in activities such as strategic planning, data analysis, and goal setting. The more comfortable you become with some outsourcing, the more you find that it will impact your business in a profound and positive way.

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