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Building Quality Relationships That Last


As a business owner, you surely realize the value of a solid customer relationship. With the advent of the internet and increasingly discriminating consumers, it is now more important than ever to foster personal relationships that go beyond transactions in order to gain---and then keep----customer loyalty.

If you are lucky enough to have a small to modest size business, you have a clear advantage over the big boys in that you can take the time to personally connect with your clientele and build meaningful relationships that benefit you in ways other than financial gain. You do, however, have the challenge of rising above the increasing number of competitors that are ready and willing to steal your audience with a few well-chosen words, marketing strategies, and products similar to yours. If you want your own business to stand the test of time, you must stand out, and you must put time and attention into building quality relationships that last. What are the essential steps to doing this? Here are a few tips for rising above the competition and sealing the deal with customers for the long haul:

Relationship tip #1: Communicate!

The key to any good relationship, communication is an essential building block for success. Finding out your customers’ needs and communicating your intent to fill those needs is a surefire way to ensure a long and mutually profitable relationship. Teaching your employees how to communicate with your clients effectively is important as well; whether it’s recruiting, order fulfillment, or even problem resolution, making connections with people over all types of transactions gives you the advantage over others.

Relationship tip #2: Exceed customer expectations

Discriminating consumers will want great products and great service, and they expect them both from you. Continue to raise the bar on what you can provide them. It’s best to under promise and over deliver; you’ll surprise customers with your ability to rise above the competition with your stellar customer service. Ship out products sooner than promised, and offer money back guarantees if they are not completely satisfied. With this show of confidence in your products and services, you’ll attract new and existing customers in droves.

Relationship tip #3: Ask for feedback---then improve your performance

Don’t take customer criticism to heart; use it as an opportunity to make yourself better. Using customer feedback constructively is a great way to hone in on your customers’ needs. Taking that information and using it to improve performance, communication, and product offerings is smart business.

Relationship tip #4: Connect well and connect often

Technology has made connecting with people so much easier, and we really have no excuse for not following up and adding a personal touch to the beginning or the end of a business transaction. Sharing personal stories that your audience will connect with, asking or customer feedback, or even giving helpful tips on how to improve product or service performance are valuable forms of connection that keep you visible when the time comes to make another purchase.

Relationship tip #5: Show your appreciation

You would not be where you are today without the support, business, and loyalty of your customers. They deserve your appreciation and respect, and you can show it to them in simple ways by offering product deals, discounts, and special promotions just for them. Giving away free tips and advice for your products is also a valued way of showing appreciation, and that you care about following up with them. Consider adding a rewards program that will allow customers to earn points for shopping with you, then giving them a chance to redeem those points for additional product needs in the future. Branded items such as coffee mugs, pens, notebooks, and other paraphernalia keep your name in front of them while reminding them that they are a valued part of your organization. Do what you can to make each client feel valued and special, and your business will gain a solid foundation of support.

Overwhelmed? Let us help you!

As your business grows, your needs and desires will change. Inevitably, you’ll find yourself in a place where it might not be possible to add that personal touch on all of your client communications.

Let us help!

At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we specialize in creating and marketing your brand in such a way that every customer feels valued. Our unique marketing strategies and follow up communication ensure that every customer you gain is a customer you keep---for life! If client relationships are important to you, let us help you organize that aspect of your business. We are passionate about business growth through solid relationships, and we care about your success! Contact us today for explosive business growth; visit and watch the magic happen!

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