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How To Manage Yourself Before You Manage Others

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So, you’ve been moderately successful at starting and running a business, yet lately, you seem to have found yourself stuck. Maybe it’s the worldwide pandemic that has things slowing down for you; perhaps it’s that crop of youngsters that you hired to fill orders that just didn’t get the job done.

Or maybe it’s you.

How dare you!

Have you ever considered that your business growth has a LOT to do with who you are, and how well you can manage yourself? If you have difficulty keeping personal finances in order, how well do you think you could take the financial reigns of a business? The problems that we struggle with in life tend to translate over into our professional endeavors as well. If we aren’t interested in personal growth and transformation, how can we expect our business to grow?

Your empire will only grow to the extent that you become passionate about personal growth. Period.

Before you get too hard on yourself, though, remember that we all have challenges to face and limitations that we must overcome, as well as a slew of bad habits that we must tackle as we grow. Management…..even self-management, is not a destination, but a journey. If you can embrace the journey with fervor and a passion for learning new things every day, you’ll be much more likely to experience lasting success that will translate over into your business endeavors. Read on to see how you can more effectively self-manage---so that you can be the best darned business manager around:

  • Work your tail off. Don’t expect others to be inspired by your work ethic if you sit in your office daily, doing nothing but checking emails and surfing social media. Your employees will be far more invested in your business if they see you working your hardest, communicating passion and value with every action. Set a shining example for your team by doing the best you can--every single day.

  • Value health and self-care. All this work and building will do you no good later if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it. Practice the fine art of self-care through proper nutrition, exercise, and mental health pursuits, and you will grow in your appreciation of others and of yourself.

  • Speak your truth. You’ll build far more authentic relationships in life if you say what you need to say when you need to say it. Learning to be eloquent and direct while delivering truth is something that people will come to appreciate about you. While it isn’t always easy to hear the truth, it’s the more courageous move in business and in life.

  • Be a giver. Giving back to others and sharing what you know will build trust between your organization members and facilitate growth for everyone involved. Whether you are sharing information, resources, or just your time, the investment you make in others right now will return you extraordinary dividends down the road when these people demonstrate that they are fully invested in what they have built with you. Become a community of strong, like-minded learners, and watch your business flourish. Make a decision already! No one likes a wishy-washy leader----sitting on important choices and acting reactively rather than proactively will have you following the crowd rather than blazing a trail. Start with small decisions first, like what kind of creamer to put in your coffee, then move on to more significant decisions like the kind of software you want to use for billing and invoicing. With every decision that you make for yourself and your business, your confidence will grow.

  • Have fun! Live your passion! When you no longer enjoy your work or your life’s pursuits, your passion is gone. It is easy to get bogged down in the minutia of day-to-day operations, life’s messes, and other mundane tasks we must all perform. Instead of foreboding this “to-do” list, celebrate those little victories and keep your “why” in the forefront of your mind as you cross off your list items. Excitement is infectious, and people are much more likely to invest their time and energy into someone who exudes confidence and passion than for someone who is merely bringing home a paycheck.

  • Remain committed to the process. Enjoy the journey and become a student of yourself and a student of life. In no time, you’ll build a loyal following and have growth that you never dreamed possible.

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