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Signs That You Have An Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Have you considered becoming your own boss? You could leave the daily grind of your 9 to 5 job, stop answering to someone else for the use of your time, and truly dictate how far you want to go professionally----sound good? How about becoming an entrepreneur?

What is an entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur designs, conceptualizes, and builds new businesses for the purpose of becoming financially independent. Millions of people start businesses each year, but many of them do not succeed because they either lack the drive to see their ideas come to fruition, or they simply don’t have the skillset and personality traits that would make them successful at running their own business. Do you have what it takes?

What makes a good entrepreneur?

If you have an idea that’s been simmering for a while, you may be a candidate for your own business. You might wonder if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur---let’s pick apart the unique personality traits and skillset of these natural leaders, and find out if running a business is for you:

  1. You are a natural leader. Does taking charge of tough situations come naturally to you? Do you make decisions easily that have the potential to affect many others, and do you do so with confidence that you are making the best choices for all involved? Do you delegate responsibility effortlessly and with enjoyment? You might just be a natural-born leader, one that can easily envision setting up and running a business someday.

  2. You are resourceful. Entrepreneurs know how to make lemonade out of lemons. They take potentially devastating situations and use them to their advantage. Running your own business takes quick thinking and even quicker action at times---knowing what to do in tough situations will help you create success through adversity.

  3. You thrive on taking action. When the time comes to make a decision, you just don’t hesitate, do you? Whether life and business events are expected or out of the blue, you find a way to make positive decisions that are helpful to most, if not all, of the people involved.

  4. You take risks. With calculated risk comes great rewards. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers, and they are aware of the consequences that these risks sometimes have. Knowing that running a business is a game of wins and losses, they continue forward, knowing that with each risk, there comes growth, expansion, and change.

  5. You are motivated by challenge. Taking the entrepreneurial bull by the horns is something that really appeals to you because you love taking on a challenge. Running a business is an uphill battle at times. The thought of conquering fears, resistance, and roadblocks greatly excites you, and you welcome each opportunity to grow and become stronger in business and life.

  6. You bounce back quickly. With any new endeavor, there are bound to be disappointments and setbacks. That doesn’t stop you, dear entrepreneur. You know how to rise from the ashes and reinvent yourself once more. Failure doesn’t slow you down. It merely fuels the fire in your belly to continue forward on your quest for success and excellence.

  7. You like being in charge. If you are going to be running a business, you’d better enjoy telling others what to do. You need to rule with a balance of an iron fist and a gentle hand; inspire others to follow your lead, and your business will thrive with you at the helm.

  8. You have a vision and a dream. Most entrepreneurs have an idea of what life will be like on the other side. They know how they want to run things, and they set about making their vision a reality as soon as they get the opportunity to do so. If you don’t have a clear direction of where you would like your business to go, you should probably stay in your current position until you clarify your professional goals.

  9. You’re on the lookout for growth. If you're not content to sit still for very long, and you are always looking for ways to improve yourself personally and professionally, you have what it takes to run your own business. In the business world, stagnation is death; you need to be open to growth and change to keep up with the competition.

  10. You are a problem solver. If you are a problem solver, and you like taking on the issues of others to help improve their lives, you have what it takes to dive into entrepreneurship. From fixing leaky pipes in the staff bathroom to finding ways to balance the budget in innovative ways, you thrive on finding solutions to problems, even when they are not yours.

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