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Signs You Are Destined To Be An Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are an exciting group of people. They think and act differently than many of us; they are walking the line between insanity and genius, and they are perceived as the rule-breakers, the ones thinking outside the box, and people to be admired.

Are you satisfied with the 9 to 5 grind? Does the thought of retiring from a 40-year sentence in the same position make you want to cry? Do you dream daily of making the world a better place with your thoughts and ideas? If you ruminate on thoughts of greatness, you might just have what it takes to be one of those world-shaking rule breakers. Check out some of the following personality traits and see if you, too, are destined to be an entrepreneur:

Sign #1: You have family members who have branched out.

Perhaps your father ran his own business, or you had an aunt who invented office software to improve productivity. If you have seen successful entrepreneurship in action, you are more likely to feel safe leaving a traditional job and striking out on your own. Gather the advice and support from those around you who have been there, done that, and you’ll be on your way to business-building success.

Sign #2: You are always questioning the status quo.

If you find yourself continually questioning those in authority over you, and you are always thinking of ideas for doing things more efficiently, you might have what it takes to run your own business. Remember to turn some of that self-reflection inward as you strive to turn your ideas into reality.

Sign #3: You are confident that you can succeed.

Very few entrepreneurs get stuck in cycles of negative or limited thinking----the successful ones, that is. If you are not a confident leader, how can others buy into what you are selling? The knowledge that you can do it, and your passionate commitment to getting things done will inspire others to invest in your dream and grow with you.

Sign #4: You refuse to take no for an answer.

When you have the passion and drive to succeed, you let very few people stand in the way of your success. Hearing no from potential investors, nay-sayers, and family members does not stop you; you will achieve what you set out to do, no matter what. When you steadfastly refuse to give up your dream, you might just be an entrepreneur.

Sign #5: You create profitable relationships.

You do not take advantage of people and situations. Instead, you see an opportunity for a partnership to be mutually beneficial, and you work toward developing relationships with people that work for everyone involved. Whether it’s an investor, an employee, or a client, you have the ability to develop a rapport and command the respect and loyalty of others almost effortlessly.

Sign #6: You spend more time with your co-founder than with your partner.

In the formative stages of business building, some sacrifices must be made to see progress. A supportive life partner will understand that you must spend a significant amount of time building your business, and this time will pay off in dividends later when you have time to create memories with family and friends.

Sign #7: You see opportunity everywhere.

You are not a conventional thinker; your mind is always moving with ways to improve yourself, your circumstances, your business, and, ultimately, the world. You embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and expansion, and you adopt a positive mindset that easily propels you through difficult times.

Sign #8: You geek out over learning new things.

When most people are content to stay in their comfort zones, knowing what they know and operating as they have for years, you secretly geek out over the opportunity to learn and grow. When other people are vegging out in front of the television set each night, you are cracking open books that apply to business, learning, money management, and growth. You view learning as the lifeblood of growth and expansion, and you are right on the money with this winning mindset. Embrace learning and growth, and your business idea will grow just as fast as you are.

Ready to rock? Let us help you achieve your dreams!

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