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The Basics Of Business Success

Business Owner Processing A Customer Transaction

Starting up and running a business is a delicate balancing act; it requires thought, skill, applications, and a little bit o' luck along the way. While some people have years of experience under their belts when starting a new venture, most of us don’t know what we’re doing, and we must learn along the way. The reality is, we must master the basics of business success to stay afloat and rival our competition.

If we remain open to learning new things, it is possible to master any business skill. Remaining malleable, accepting criticism, and learning from mistakes all become keys to weathering any storm and achieving long term success and prosperity.

Just what are these basics of business success? How do we master them? What must we learn in order to rise to the top? Here are some tips for establishing yourself---and then staying in business, no matter what may come your way:

Reasons that businesses fail

There are three primary reasons that most businesses don’t make it past their first few years of operation:

  1. They run out of money. Business owners fail to plan for necessary expenses, and they don’t maintain accurate records to ensure that profits exceed expenditures. When the capital runs out, the show ends.

  2. They don’t know enough about day to day operations. Startup owners fail to plan out their daily operations, and as a result, their work is sloppy and unorganized. Things don’t get done, clients don’t get called for follow through, and sales don’t close. Without proper knowledge of how to best use their time, most new business owners are left scratching their heads after they close their doors, wondering what went wrong.

  3. They don’t have enough support. Whether it’s a lack of solid employee presence, a lack of capital funding, or no mentorship to help them weather challenges, the lack of support they are getting inevitably ends with a premature sunset rather than ongoing prosperity.

Seven key elements your business must have in order to succeed

Your well-rounded, well-established empire must have certain elements in place for your business dream to come true. They are:

Marketing--A successful business that has made it past the initial discovery period has a solid marketing plan in place. Your ability to attract and then retain the right customers at the right time to make the perfect sales will help you to gain a solid footing in the market.

Financing--Your ability to obtain and then keep funding for your business expenses will make or break your business. Talking to investors, securing capital, and balancing the books will determine how long you’ll stay in business.

Production--No matter how you choose to produce or what you choose to sell, your ability to create high-quality products that surpass customer expectations will ensure that you will keep a definitive edge over your competitors

Distribution--The best products in the world are not able to ship themselves; your ability to distribute your quality products to clients and customers in a timely manner will help to establish your place in the market.

Research and Development--You may have snagged your customers with an initial product offering, but can you keep them coming back for more? Having a research and development team that will assist you in finding out what your customers need and then developing it to fruition will help to retain your loyal customers and attract even more.

Regulation--Your ability to remain in compliance with local, state and federal laws will help you to remain open for business when others find themselves paying fines and fees that might actually run them into the ground.

Labor--Your business is only as good as the employees that you hire; take some time during the hiring process; do your background checks and your research, and make sure you have people working for you that you can trust to build a solid foundation with you.

Every good business has predictors of success:

A good business has solid indicators and predictors of success, no matter what the market, no matter what the product or service. Some of these indicators of future success include:

  • Relevant products and services that stand the test of time

  • The existence of a complete business plan before commencement

  • The ability to perform a market analysis regularly

  • Effective processes and time management procedures

  • An emphasis on client and customer relationships

  • A passion for improving the world with its products and services

Success in business isn’t a pie in the sky dream; it’s a real, achievable goal that virtually anyone can accomplish. Pushing through difficulties, putting stable systems of support in place, and committing to learn along the way will help you to turn your dreams into reality.

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