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Think And Grow Big Experts Share Thoughts On Business Success

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When it comes to starting up new business, there are trailblazers, and there are those who prefer to follow tried and true methods emulating someone else’s success. Which type of entrepreneur are you?

Though there is not one perfect answer to that question, it is hard to argue with proven success strategies. There is room for both types of business creators in this world. With many of us wanting to take advantage of practical, real-life experience, we find ourselves looking to those innovators who have gone before and made something of themselves through business growth.

Learning from others: A shortcut to business growth

When we collaborate with and learn from other entrepreneurs, we not only see their successes but their failures as well. Someone who has been through a process several times has undoubtedly made mistakes that they can help us avoid. Wouldn’t it be peachy if the road to business success could be traveled while preventing some of the pitfalls and potholes that could derail our progress? By learning from those more experienced than ourselves, we put ourselves on the smoother pathway to business perfection.

Strategies from the experts? Here you go!

The following information is a compilation of some tried and true strategies for business growth and success. Listen, learn, and adjust your own business plan to accommodate some of these changes; you’ll be glad you did. Get out your planner, favorite pen, and take some notes. Your opportunity for growth starts now!

  • Plan, prove, and protect. Brian Moran has over twenty years of entrepreneurial pursuits and publishing under his belt. He splits up the establishment of business into three parts.

  • Have a rock-solid plan for where you want to go with your business. Those that you are trying to get funding from will appreciate your long-term vision.

  • Prove yourself as quickly as possible. You have to communicate to others why it is essential to have your product or service on the market.

  • Protect your investments. Guard your money and your time, as you will need to control both in order to see steady growth.

  • Develop your long-term strategy. Liz Jostes, a small business owner extraordinaire, encourages others to strive for vision, not perfection. She says getting started and moving forward is critical in the early stages of growth. Consistent action may not pay off with immediate gratification, but what you are doing will pay off months and years from now. Keep your nose firmly attached to the grindstone and make your dreams come true.

  • Do less, do it well. Author and small business expert Emma Jones says that many entrepreneurs try to take on too much at once. Focusing instead on a few critical tasks, and doing them very well, will be more effective than juggling dozens of tasks with mediocrity. Items like the budget, marketing strategy, and customer relationships will be essential pieces of your puzzle and building a strong base for your business will only strengthen additional responsibilities that you take on in the future.

  • Have a game plan. Many entrepreneurs get caught up in the thrill and passion of a new idea, and they fail to work out the logistics that will ultimately catapult them to success. Plot your course, take specific actions, and plan each day to move forward with your goals. Steve Strauss, a business columnist for USA Today, offers this valuable advice for those just starting out:

  • Self-evaluate; know your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Evaluate the possibilities and pitfalls of your idea.

  • Blast through your checklist of legal set-ups.

  • Make a business plan, a roadmap to your future success.

  • Find funding--get creative.

  • Set-up shop and start taking action.

  • Keep your passion alive. There are bound to be some challenges and obstacles that you face as you plod forward; sometimes it will be difficult to see the forest through the trees. Holding your passion, your why, at the forefront of your mind to keep you going will be an essential part of overcoming your unique challenges, according to venture capitalist Evan Carmichael. With several successful business investments under his belt, he has no doubt seen his share of challenges. Keeping that fire stoked will allow you to keep your larger vision alive when daily doldrums threaten to make you quit.

Hey! We can help too!

Your business can only develop and grow to the extent that you do. Learning new information as well as developing new skills will be instrumental to your success and longevity. No business owner has ALL the skills and expertise necessary to thrive in this rapidly changing market, but we have a team of talented people that can help you fill in the gaps. At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we know what it takes to change, adapt, and thrive in the business world. Let us strengthen your skills and compensate for your weaknesses; we will help you get to the next level of growth and success. Visit for more information.

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