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Using Holidays And Special Events To Grow Your Business

Holiday LIghts

The holiday season is well upon us, and with the trappings and trimmings of the season come some stressors as well. If you happen to be a business owner, you have added pressure of making a large portion of your profits this season. With a worldwide pandemic, quarantine restrictions, and uncertain economic activity, how can you make sure you can not only stay afloat this holiday season, but continue to prosper despite the odds?

Getting a little creative with your marketing plan and staying relatable are critical factors in being able to grow your business this season. Read on to see how you can use holidays and special events to experience consistent growth for your business:

Consider expanding your product line.

Take advantage of the holiday season or special seasons throughout the year to develop and promote holiday-specific products that people could use for gifts and celebrations. What about repurposing an already popular product under a holiday brand? Sit down with your team and brainstorm ways that your product line can be specialized to bring a little extra cheer at this time of year.

Emphasize stress-free shopping experiences.

Whether you are flying over the internet or maintaining some sort of storefront these days, it is essential to emphasize a stress-free shopping experience. If you are able to provide expedited shipping or free shipping, that is an enormous relief for online shoppers. Taking time to put in a kid area with coloring books, crayons, and toys is a welcome addition for a busy mom, and what parent doesn’t appreciate an extra cup of coffee and a cookie while shopping for some last-minute items? If you can let customers know that “you have all the little details handled,” you’ll be building trust from the moment they hear those stress-free words.

Bring in business through different channels.

Never underestimate the power of social media--offering 12 days of savings via your Facebook or Instagram account will do wonders for extra sale volume. Offering free coupons, discounts for referrals, and interaction in innovative ways will keep customers engaged and thinking of you when they need to make seasonal purchases. Get creative, get ready to give a little, and you’ll see the benefits with more traffic and higher sales as a result of your generosity.

Host a holiday or seasonal event.

Small business Saturday might be a big shopping day for you at this time, but there is no reason you can’t earn some extra capital by hosting an additional holiday or seasonal event. Holiday bazaars, trade shows, and special events that you host in the house will all draw additional business and keep you at the top of the heap when it comes to customers noticing that you’ve gone the extra mile.

Host a sale.

Every discriminating customer loves a sale---running special promotions that draw attention to featured products and services will attract those searching eyes and land a few more sales in your queue this season. Just make sure that the discount you offer doesn’t put you in danger of running in the red, or you’ll have to make up for that when all of your fanfare is over. Consider simple, free gifts with purchase that make your customers feel valued, and you’ll be building brand loyalty that will cause them to return to you time and time again for more of your quality goods.

Share personal stories that stir up nostalgia.

Everyone loves a little schmaltz this time of year; why not use your blog post to inspire feelings of cheer and goodwill as you share yourself and make connections with your crowd? Relating to your customers as a “real” person will make you more trustworthy, and will build strong relationships that will last beyond the next holiday.

What will you give?

As you think about how to promote your business this holiday and beyond, focus on what you can give rather than what you can get, and watch your business flourish. MaxGroup Business Solutions professionals are committed to giving----giving of their time, their talents, their unique successes to help you become more successful. Begin a relationship with us, and watch yourself--and your business--grow to new heights. Tis the season to partner with us; visit for more information.

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