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Ways To Creatively Market During Quarantine

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We are living in trying times. If you are a business owner, you’ve likely adjusted your business plan several times already---what is there left to do for you to weather the economic storm effectively?

We know that social distancing is essential at this time, but the implications of this commitment to each other have wreaked havoc on small businesses across the globe. Restaurants, retail, and household services have all had to completely reinvent the way they do business to survive.

Things are not going according to plan, and it is important to be flexible and creative in your expansion pursuits. While it is going to be a little more challenging to get people to the curb, it is not impossible to grow and thrive in this current state. Dig deep, stimulate those creative juices along with a firm dose of resolve to rise above your current circumstances to deliver the goods-----to thousands of new customers:

Think expansion

It might be that your current clientele is just not accepting your products and services right now. That’s okay----there are other fish in the sea! If your business is cleaning and organizing homes, you might want to focus on your strengths of sterilizing and disinfecting commonly used areas. What about office buildings and businesses that do have customers coming in the door? You’ve just opened a whole new niche by thinking outside the box and continuing to use your skillsets and services to a whole new audience. Many distilleries across the country have now shifted from the sale of only alcohol to alcohol-based sanitizing products, which people are buying up in droves. What a clever marketing strategy! Problem----reaction----solution! Present yourself as a solution, and you have sure sales.

Consider new ways to deliver the goods

Bars and restaurants have the new norm of providing call-ahead service, curbside pickup, and a host of new offerings that make ordering more attractive than ever. If you own a brick and mortar business, you need to devise ways of enticing your customers to interact with you in different ways. Phone orders, virtual chats, and social media campaigns are all ways to put the ordering power in your customer’s hands. Finding more ways to offer your products and services online will show them that you care about their health and safety and that you are committed to serving them no matter what the economy is throwing at us.

Collaborate with other businesses

Now more than ever, small businesses are banding together to see if their combined effects can be greater than the parts. Home decor and interior design businesses can offer a bouquet of fresh flowers from a local florist as a thank you for a contract. In turn, a florist can take advantage of a whole new marketing tool to keep business stable. Local restaurants that have trouble getting call ahead orders can provide ready-to-eat meals at local grocery delis to increase their carry-out sales. Pay attention to who is doing business in your local area and see what you can do to collaborate and create a whole new aspect of marketing that benefits you both.

Stay connected to your customer base

Your customers may not be coming through your door right now with recent restrictions on public activities, but you will need them more than ever. It is now more important than ever to stay virtually connected to your customers so they: 1) can remember you, and 2) so you can continue to provide information and services that are of value to them to inspire their loyalty. Here are some ways that you can continue to foster excellent communication and connection at this time:

Send out regular emails. Email your customers to let them know how you are changing up your business practices, and what products and services you can continue to offer them. Emphasize that their business means a great deal to you, and keep them in the loop concerning innovations that you may have cooking on the back burner for later release.

Update your website. Customers who land on your website will need to know what you are, and what you are not, offering. If you are “business as usual,” let your customers know that so you don’t miss out on opportunities to make sales. If your business methods have changed slightly, be clear and upfront about the services you offer and how you can make life more convenient for the customer. Having fresh content to read in an engaging format will give your customers something to look forward to when they are spending endless hours online.

Ask your fan base for ideas. No one knows your customers better than….your customers! Good business is this simple----give your customers what they are wanting, needing, and asking for, and you’ll keep getting sales! Use email, surveys, and social media platforms to ask your customers for new ideas on how to improve your offerings and even give ideas for new products and services that you can add to your inventory. Collective creativity from many is much more powerful than a single individual trying to generate it on his own. Put the power of your customers to work for you.

Invest now for the future. Investing doesn’t necessarily have to be all about money. You can work on automating systems, reading up on marketing and business strategies, improving your skills, and taking care of employees in ways that let them know they are appreciated and valued. You can focus on enriching your online content to boost your search engine ratings. If you are in a position to boost your marketing efforts, then, by all means, do so! If not, start thinking creatively about what you can do to make the extra downtime a little more productive.

Let us help you innovate…..and recreate….your business!

We know that this is a stressful time to be in business. At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we have navigated the ups and downs of marketing and sales, and we know what to do to get consistent, measurable, and proven results with any business. Invest in us, and we will, in turn, show you how to take advantage of opportunities for growth and expansion, even in hard times. Contact us now to get inspired and start creating your future! Visit for more information.

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