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What Social Media Presence Can Do For Your Business

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If you are a business owner in today’s world of fast-paced technology, you absolutely need a social media presence. Whether you are the king of a mom and pop shop or the sultan of a thriving empire, social media should be a cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Social media platforms for business allow you to make meaningful connections with customers, build brand awareness, gain leads, and boost your sales. With more than three billion people hopping on social media daily, this is no flash in the pan; social media giants are here to stay. We might as well make nice with them and use them for business growth.

I’m not ready!

Believe it or not, no matter what your age, you are ready to set up social media accounts and begin using them right now. You do not need an arsenal of buzz-worthy words in your posts, and you do not have to have a magic number of loyal followers. You can get started today, and even have a little bit of fun in the process. Here are some solid reasons why you need to jump on the social media train now:

  • It will help to build brand awareness. People cannot purchase from you if they don’t know you exist; social media is the fastest-growing form of advertising being used by businesses to introduce their brand to potential customers. Most social media accounts are free; setting up a profile comes at no cost to you, so even if one person sees your posts and shares them with others, you may turn a profit. Devise a strategy with regard to what you want your customers to see, and how you would like them to interact with you. The more planning you put into your posts, the more likely they will work for you in wonderful ways to bring in new business.

  • It will help to communicate authority. Consumers cannot be fooled these days. With the array of products and services on the market that are similar to yours, all it takes is a quick internet search and social media scan to see if you mean business. Will surfers see an empty storefront or content that is rich and useful? Spend some time crafting your online presence and social media posts, and you will quickly be established and regarded as an authority in your field.

  • It will build your authenticity. Just like their discriminating taste in products, today’s savvy consumers also have a desire to experience authentic, meaningful interaction with you, the business owner. They are not interested in dry, canned posts that could easily be generated by a robot; they want real stories, real connections, and a face to put with a brand that builds trust. Share of yourself, share of your employees and fellow customers, and you are more likely to see an influx in business because of the relationships that you are building with clients.

  • It will promote engagement. Customers like interaction; they want to be entertained and informed. Finding unique ways to promote yourself through this engagement and interaction will keep them coming back for more. Releasing a mini-series of Instagram posts on customer experiences might inspire some extra purchasing, while others like to see a sneak peek at what happens in your office after hours---from store to door. Making the investment to also add short video files to your posts will be the next step in sophistication that makes loyal customers happy. If they are interested and engaged, they will return to you for more.

  • It will enable you to offer assistance and support. Think of it as a free portal for customer service; you can provide the following services to your customers via your social media channels:

> Responding to customer inquiries, feedback, or complaints

> Addressing questions and concerns

> Promoting positive customer experiences

> Listening to criticism and making customers feel heard and valued

> Turning public conversations into private messages to resolve problems

You will have your fair share of critics, and nowhere will this be more visible than on social media. Addressing concerns in a timely manner and allowing for resolution will help to keep your reputation strong, and it will establish you as a caring and concerned CEO.

It will allow you to grow your business affordably. Marketing is a huge part of an operating budget for a business; social media allows you to cut costs while still experiencing steady growth and success. Many startups simply do not have the kind of budget that is needed for consistent growth; utilizing the tool of social media will allow you to grow and expand for pennies on the dollar. Use it!

Need A Little Push? We Can Help!

At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we are experts in all things marketing and promotion; we can help you optimize your use of social media to create explosive business growth! We understand just how stressful it can be to market a business--with our tools, knowledge, and expertise put to work for you, you leverage your success and experience growth like never before. Partner with us; we are committed to your expansion, just as you are. Visit for more information on how we can take you...and your business….to the next level.

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