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Why Your Business Needs To Prioritize Mobile Outreach

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Business owners are always changing things up. From brick and mortar storefronts of the past to websites and beyond, a savvy and efficient business owner knows that he must constantly modify marketing and sales strategies to stay ahead of the game.

It’s not enough to maintain a website these days; it’s a combination of seamless marketing strategies across multiple platforms that reaches your customers and shows them that you go the extra mile to make their experience with you easy, efficient, and fun.

Why mobile is the next big initiative

With over 80 percent of consumers having a smartphone in their hands, they are accessing your web content on the go. Is your current marketing strategy prepared to handle “mobilizing” your content? Many websites don’t translate well to mobile platforms, and the result can be frustrating to customers and damaging to your reputation as a tech-savvy business owner.

Taking steps to streamline your mobile offerings isn’t just good business sense; it’s essential to the survival of your business. The future of business will take place on increasingly smaller screens with faster data uploads than ever before. Want to stay ahead of your competition? Here is why you need to prioritize your mobile outreach:

  • Your SEO rankings depend on it. Until recently, the main goal of SEO ranking was to make the top page of Google search engine results. After all, gaining these coveted positions almost guarantees additional sales. Google saw an astonishing turn of events this past year, with over 52 percent of internet searches first beginning on mobile devices. They responded by rolling out “mobile-first” indexing, where they take a look at your mobile offerings and assess your content based on the quality of graphics, ability to load correctly, and ease of use. If you are found to be a little slow on the uptake, points will be deducted from your SEO ranking. Google’s on board with mobile-geddon, and that means you should be too.

  • You will reach a wider audience. Even those most resistant to technology now own smartphones, and they are learning to use them. The mobile business is responding to increased demand from all age groups and specializing their offerings for those crowds who were initially unreachable via technology. The more you do to market to your target audience, the more likely you will widen your influence as you gain a whole new demographic that you may not have previously reached.

  • You will amplify your social media influence. Social media platforms also realize the importance of being mobile-friendly. With 80 percent of social media use taking place on mobile devices, you would be downright silly to not take advantage of designing a social media campaign for your business to reach these customers. Simply sharing a post, providing a link to your products and services, and managing resulting sales will bring those mobile-savvy prospects to you in droves. Get familiar with social media platforms if you haven’t done so already and use them to amplify your business.

  • You will be able to interact with your customers more effectively. Mobile campaigns do much, much more than simply drive traffic to your website these days. Mobile interactions are more interactive and dynamic than ever before; users expect to be informed, entertained, and satisfied by your offerings. It may sound a little entitled, but this is the nature of business today. Creating an atmosphere of mutual benefit and clear expectations will keep all parties involved and happy with the outcome.

  • You’ll reach your audience on a more personal level. Mobile devices are designed for a more personal experience. We use mobile devices as business owners to reach our audience at their convenience, to meet their needs. Recent studies show that some mobile users check their devices up to 80 times a day---what an opportunity to meet your audience where they are at? Your potential for incredible reach is worth the investment that it takes to get---and keep----your content mobile-ready.

Are you mobile ready? Let us help!

At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to get your mobile campaign up and running. Our innovative systems of support and creation will elevate your business and profits to the next level. Don’t delay; take advantage of the mobile media movement and see what exciting things are in store for you! Visit for more information.

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