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Why Your Small Business Needs A Great Blog

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With over 400 million visitors each month, the World Wide Web is the place to be right now. We connect, we exchange information, we purchase products and services, and we spend much of our free time surfing and seeking via the Internet. Much of this time is spent on blog pages; we read posts for entertainment, for information, for education. No matter how we surf the net, we have no doubt been influenced at one time or another by an engaging and informative blog post.

If you are a small business trying to make it in the big e-commerce world, it’s time that you jump on the bandwagon--your small business needs a killer blog to grow and thrive. Most small business owners put this task aside in favor of more physical business building, but what most entrepreneurs simply don't realize is that this is a critical step in effectively promoting and marketing your business to a potential audience of millions. It does not take much time to set up and maintain, and if you play your hand right, you might even be able to employ the services of a talented scribe to promote your business for a reasonable fee. Who doesn’t like a little effective delegation?

Take the time, dear business owner, to grasp one of the most exciting and near-effortless methods of mass marketing; a killer blog. Here are some reasons that starting one will take your business to the next level of growth and success:

You will establish yourself as a trusted industry authority

Competition is fierce, and customers are even more discriminating. These two reasons make it hard to convince potential clients to purchase from you and you alone. Writing engaging and informative blog content will help to establish you as a trusted authority in your industry; learning to distinguish yourself from others like you is the key to gaining customer loyalty and trust. Your content connects you with readers, it establishes you as a knowledgeable authority, and it inspires people to purchase your goods and services, provided that you have proven how they can benefit from them. Share that knowledge, set yourself apart from the competition, and watch the orders come in!

You will have the opportunity to build a community

Brick and mortar managers have the unique opportunity to connect with customers face to face. This is powerful stuff when it comes to making an impression and inspiring the confidence to buy. While you may have to work a little harder to make that connection and develop a personalized relationship with your audience, you can use your unique voice and personal story to help make you more approachable and more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers. Every blog post that you write can be a little more of the story you allow to unfold, and you can communicate your intention to serve your community in ways that go above and beyond the competition. While this may be done just once in a face to face encounter with a customer, a blog post lives on to serve many viewers, making its impact more significant. Continue to add content of value, and your community will grow.

You will add a personal touch

As you build your community and become more familiar with sharing your story, you will be able to personalize your communication and share stories of failure, triumph, and struggle that make you human. Adding that personal touch to your business will make your story memorable, and it will inspire others to put their faith in you and your business as you use that power of community to create something bigger than yourselves. Embrace the stories, share with each other, and put a human touch on your business; the effect will be long-lasting.

Your SEO imprint will go through the roof

If you aren’t familiar with Search Engine Optimization, get familiar with it. SEO is the Internet’s way of ranking you in order of relevance and importance, according to the content you are creating. Simply put, the more quality content you have out there in cyberspace, the higher you will be driven in rankings on pages like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you are more visible, it is more likely that customers will be to find you and purchase from you. Keep posting, keep writing, keep sharing! The results will speak for themselves.

You will help drive visitors to your main website

As you grow more familiar with blog posting and how it works, you can continually refer customers back to your main site to make purchasing decisions. You’ve now put the power in their hands when it comes to buying products and services; you are the helpful assistant, not the pushy salesperson looking over their shoulder as they make a transaction. Keep that position of helpful, informative authority, and customers will learn to associate your blog with your business. This simple and effective marketing strategy will do wonders for the promotion of your business.

Ready to rock? Contact us!

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