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Connect, Engage, & Interact With Your Customers To Increase Your Business

Add a Human Touch To Your

Business With 2-Way Texting

Offering instant deliverability and high response rates, text marketing delivers your message with high impact - be it advertisements, alerts, or information - literally into the hands of your audience whenever you want.

Good business is a two-way street, so get a conversation going with two-way texting. With this open line of communication, you can hear back from your customers instantly wherever they are at their convenience. When you respond to their comments, feedback, or questions, in turn they feel heard and you gain valuable information.

Maximize The Impact of Your Marketing:

  • Instantly collect valuable customer opinions and data.

  • Invite audience interaction with one user or a group of people.

  • Keep an automatic record of messages for future reference.   

Practical Uses Of 2-Way Texting:

  • Event Coordinations and RSVPs: Provide event details to guests regarding venue or schedule changes, parking directions, and other time-sensitive announcements.

  • Feedback and Surveys: Get insight into your audience by gathering and responding directly to their text replies, or easily measure public opinion through mobile voting polls.

  • Collect Customer Data: With Keyword Data Capture, gather more than just phone numbers from customers. Store information such as name, email address, or any other data you need to create targeted campaigns.

  • Important Alerts and Notifications: Build positive customer relationships by directly responding to your audience’s questions or comments.

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