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Connect, Engage, & Interact With Your Customers To Increase Your Business

Make Your Audience A Big

Part of Your Next Event

Live and on-stage, starring YOUR CUSTOMERS! With Text-to-Screen, make your audience a part of your event or venue by allowing them to share their comments on a large-screen display. Not only will you get them engaged, you can also get valuable feedback to liven the event in real-time. And at the same time, you’ll be automatically collecting their mobile numbers for future marketing campaigns.

With One Powerful Feature, You Get All Of These Benefits:

  • Encourage audience interaction throughout your event.

  • Grow your customer database effortlessly.

  • Automatically block inappropriate content with a customizable message filter.

  • Optional screening and approval of messages before they hit the screen.

  • Tailor the display by customizing the background image, colors, and fonts.   

Text-To-Screen Can Be Adapted For Virtually Any Kind Of Event or Venue:

  • Clubs, Bars and Concerts: From shout-outs to song requests, let the crowd shape the experience.

  • Sporting Events: Every fan can be a reporter by adding colorful commentary.

  • Churches and Temples: Engage worshippers by taking questions and prayer requests.

  • Conferences and Conventions: Run an on-screen Q&A as well as contests, raffles, and announcements.

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