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Connect, Engage, & Interact With Your Customers To Increase Your Business

The Most Effective Way To Optimize

Relevance, Retention, and ROI

If your message isn't relevant to your target audience, chances are your recipients won't be interested. But with Smart Filters, you can send messages they actually want to receive, all automatically! By applying a specific set of filters, or sophisticated targeting rules, the system trims down your distribution lists accordingly, and automatically creates more refined targets. Your communication becomes more impactful to the selected recipients, producing higher response rates and minimizing opt-out rates, while reducing the volume of untargeted message traffic.

Make Targeted Messaging Campaigns Effortless

With Smart Filters:

  • Send a promotional text message to only the contacts that have redeemed a Loyalty Program point in the past week.

  • Automatically create a list of contacts that have birthdays in April, and send a birthday coupon a week before each birthday.

  • Send an email with an exclusive event invitation to only the contacts that clicked on a previous email campaign.   

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