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  • What is SEO?
    SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” which is the enhancement of your web pages (website) and their online profile so as to improve your site’s ranking in the Search Engine results pages (SERPS) for nominated clusters of keyword phrases. WHAT??? Yeah, that’s why Google states on their website “Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time…”
  • Why Should I Care About SEO?
    Because studies have shown that about 80% of people who browse the web through the search engines don’t go past the first or second page of the search results. So, if your website is beyond page one or two, then your business is missing out on a lot of potential customers. Let our team help you get there. The traditional models of advertising are on life-support at best. Need confirmation? When’s the last time you picked up a copy of the Yellow Pages to search for a business? Google, or rather, the internet is now your new business card if you expect to survive and grow.
  • How Does Google Play Into SEO and Why Does Everyone Reference Them?
    Picture it, 1996, and a couple of nerds who were friends named Sergey Brin and Larry Page started working on a project to create a search engine, which they originally called BackRub which was later renamed Google. With over 1.4 Billion searches conducted every hour, Google owns over 70% of the search engine market share worldwide. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, just passed Apple to become the world's most valuable company. It’s fair to say then, that this BackRub (Google) tech conglomerate is now worth about $498 billion compared to Apple's market cap of around $495 billion as of May 12, 2016. (SOURCE: CNN.MONEY) So when it comes to internet search, Google is the ‘800 Pound Gorilla’ in the room. Google calls the shots, makes the rules, and everyone else (Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.) simply say, “Me too”.
  • How Do Search Engines Actually Work?
    Although the Search Engines are continuously refining how they rank web pages, there are four key elements that remain the foundation for successful Page 1 results: choosing the best keywords having the right website infrastructure and architecture creating and presenting rich, original, relevant and interesting content developing a profile of high quality, on-theme incoming links and citation sites These are all the things that MaxGroup is the best at, and we prove it!
  • What Will MaxGroup Business Solutions Do To Improve My SEO?
    MaxGroup offers an ideal balance of advisory services and task implementation that focus on maximizing your internet visibility and ROI. We document every recommendation and spell out in detail exactly what we will be doing, on and off your web pages. We remain committed to being very transparent in our work and the results we will produce for you. We’ll be emailing you a report each month to show you exactly what got accomplished. Discover more about our SEO Plans: CLICK HERE
  • So Then What Are The Most Important Things To Google for My SEO Rank To Improve?
    Google’s 4 Most Important Essentials For Earning Higher Rank On Search: 1. Authority That means Google has to “trust” you as a business. And that trust can be earned, but not easily by most, and not at all by amateurs. We’re going to show you how we mastered this better than anyone. 2. Content Just like it sounds, Google loves, loves, loves original content that it perceives has value to users. In “Google World,” content is king and lucky for you, we are the King Kong of content. 3. Backlinks This term means, ‘links that go back to your website’ from other sites. Search engines often use the number and source of backlinks that a website has as one of the most important factors for determining that website's search engine ranking, popularity and importance. 4. Mobile-User Friendly Experience 2014 was the year that mobile devices outsold desktop PC’s and those numbers are increasing. The average smart device user spends more than 3 hours a day just browsing (not including texting and talking time). Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your site. With Google’s new algorithm, if your site isn’t optimal for the mobile user, you will be penalized. MaxGroup’s proprietary SEO Plans handles the first three with exquisite precision and reports back to you quantifiable results each month that you are encouraged to verify. NOTE: If you do not have a Mobile Optimized Tab Driven Website -YIKES! You are already being penalized by Google so call us like yesterday so we can fix that immediately. Seriously.
  • I’ve Heard Press Releases are Used for SEO; How Do They Translate to SEO Rank and My ROI?
    MaxGroup Media is one of the industry leading press release distribution services with years of excellence in digital marketing and public relations. MaxGroup Media is the preferred service provider for publicists, marketing & advertising agencies, public relations firms, government agencies and individual companies and organizations. We guarantee placement on Google News, Google, Yahoo & Bing as well as syndication to 500+ media sites including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW and their affiliates. Additionally, MaxGroup Media has reciprocal relationships with over 100,000+ of the most professional and well published journalists worldwide (through Associated Press) which your press release will be distributed to. So it’s quite easy to understand how important and integral regular press releases will be to your overall SEO strategy and new customer acquisition. And most SEO companies don’t use them because of their cost factor. We decided to go in all the way for our customers, and created, licensed, certified and formed contracts as MaxGroup Media which is a fully staffed journalistic company. That is how we have access to the top news outlets in the world. And that is where we will publish information about you and your company. Reach 100,000+ Journalists instantly Guaranteed Syndication to 500+ Media Outlets Guaranteed Syndication to Top Tier News Networks including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW Guaranteed Syndication to Google News, Bing News, Google, Yahoo, Bing National, Regional and Local Syndication Maximum Traffic, Visibility and Exposure Increase Lead Generation & Sales Revenue Remember: Authority, Content, Backlinks, and Mobile. We also tie in URL links to your site throughout your press release copy. Do you think a press release that gets published by ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW and Google News will establish a certain amount (as in massive) authority and trust as well as qualify for great content?
  • Aren’t There Other Things I Can Do Like Advertise on Facebook Instead of SEO?
    This is one of the questions we are asked most often. We get it. You want to accrue as much business and revenue as possible, but you have to keep your expenses down. That’s just smart business. According to Matt Cutts, webmaster for Google itself, the bottom line is NO. Here’s why: 1. Google treats Facebook & Twitter posts like any other web pages for search, but NOT as a ranking factor. 2. Google has perhaps the most powerful search engine in the world, but even they have their limits. So social media pages are ‘crawled’ somewhat albeit very limited by Google; so they confirm that social media pages are NOT taken into account for SEO rank. 3. Because Google understands what social media accounts are, and what they are primarily used for, they simply do not fit into Google’s formulas for giving you internet credibility and authority. The real take-away here is that if you search your name, and Google returns Facebook as your first result, as a business, you need SEO more than anyone. Now, if all you want to do is look at adorable pictures of kittens, we hear it’s the place to be.
  • What About Sites Like Yelp? Are They Important and Isn’t That Enough To Be on Them?
    elp is one example of over 200 ‘citation sites’. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, citation sites DO score high on Google search for rank. However, be warned. Being on one or a couple citation sites is not enough to gain what is called the ‘Google Authority Factor’. This is what raises your rank. Can Google ‘trust’ you enough to recommend your business as a search result – that is the big win you are looking for. You need to be indexed at the very least on the SuperForty®. That is exactly why one of the first things MaxGroup Business Solutions does for a business’s SEO campaign, is to make certain your business is listed and indexed properly on the SuperForty®, or even up to 200+ citation sites. Yes that is important, and will get you Google Authority, and that is why MaxGroup is all over it, and reports to you monthly on our progress. WANT TO SEE HOW MANY CITATION SITES HAVE YOU LISTED PROPERLY? WE WILL SHOW YOU FOR THE TOTALLY AWESOME PRICE OF FREE! SCAN ME NOW
  • So How Can I Know How Effective My Website Is and How It Is Ranking on The Internet?
    We will, at your request, run a detailed ‘Free In-Depth Evaluation’ for you to find out. We will at no cost or obligation, analyze your website, keywords and other searchable factors and deliver to you a professional, customized, detailed Evaluation Report for you to keep regardless of whether you do business with us or not. It will provide the specifics of where your site and its ranking are strong and what’s holding your rank down. So that’s cool right? And it’s yours to keep!
  • Who Will I Be Working With at MaxGroup That Can Walk Me Through Each Step?
    You will be working with a highly experienced SEO Business Analyst who will act as your project manager for the entire time that we handle your account. The Business Analyst will be interacting daily with very highly skilled SEO Engineers who have advanced degrees and experience from a Fortune 50 Company before joining the MaxGroup Team.
  • How Much Will This Cost?
    That depends upon the SEO Plan that is best for you. MaxGroup is very deliberate in that for SEO we have four (4) separate plans for four different objectives and take into account the exact result you expect, your type of business, and the reach (how far) you wish to be found. Specifically, we have the following four plans: SEO Essentials – Is just like it sounds – it is essential for any business who wishes to rank high enough to be noticed and have an internet presence SEO Local – is the Essentials Plan for a multi-metro to state-wide approach SEO Regional – all the above with a reach into several surrounding states SEO National – all of the above with a high page rank in every state in our country If you have further interest, or simply want to get some additional questions answered: GET INFO NOW and someone will be in contact with you directly. The bigger question is what is it costing YOU each month in business lost to your savvy competitors who are conducting any SEO campaign while you are not?
  • Is There a Minimum Contract Period?
    No. Unlike 99% of SEO companies out there that insist on binding 1 to 2 year contracts, MaxGroup only offers monthly closed-end agreements. That means that each month you complete is closed out, and your next month is assumed but totally up to you as to whether or not you want us to continue your SEO management. Your obligation is simply from month to month as required with no long term contracts or burdensome terms and conditions. Agreements for our Custom SEO Programs will include specific terms and conditions depending upon the plan you select. We know that our results speak for themselves which is why our client satisfaction and retention rate is the highest in our industry.
  • How Long Does It Normally Take To See SEO Results?
    You’ll begin to get reports and see positive momentum within your first month. You’ll see yourself and your business appear literally all over the internet with backlinks (your URL web address) to you and your business in the first 4 to 6 months. The traffic you are looking for will suddenly be looking for and will find YOU! Just remember though that first, it takes Google 21 days (almost a full month) to index the changes on your site, so the proper perspective is that it takes the internet about a month to catch up with anything we do. “Many SEO firms will tell you that it takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing results. That's generally accurate, but bear in mind this is when you start seeing results, and SEO results grow over time. Whatever results you're getting at 6 months should be considerably less than what you're getting at 12 months.” – Forbes
  • What About Paid Per Click Advertising (PPC)? Am I Better Off Just Using Any Paid Ads?
    There are many reasons why SEO is a better investment than PPC, but the most compelling one is this: SEO drives more than 75%+ of all search traffic and PPC drives less than <25%. In short, your opportunity is more than three times greater by using an effective SEO campaign.
  • How Long Has MaxGroup Business Solutions Been In Business?
    Although MaxGroup Business Solutions, LLC was incorporated on 09.23.11, we commenced operations over 10 years ago as a DBA operating under the umbrella of another consulting company that we still own and operate. MaxGroup is a family of companies all privately owned by the same two business owner/operators that started their first company together in 1988. For 30 years now, we have started each company with cash, never had the need to take out a business loan, there have never been any other investors or silent partners. Each company is still in operations and all have posted profits during their first year. Our Corporate Office is in the Northwest Valley of the Phoenix metro in the beautiful city of Surprise, AZ. We have about 100 corporate teammates and about 2,000 Marketing Directors, Regional Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents managing client portfolios and engaging new customers every day in all 50 states. The owners are still 100% engaged in the daily operations of the business out of choice and are extremely hands on. Hanging in every office in our World Headquarters are signs that read: “Do Whatever It Takes To Make Our Client-Partners Love Us!” We’re here to stay.
  • So You Guarantee SEO Results and If So, In What Way?"
    We love this question, and you’re going to love our answer: YES! We do guarantee to execute the very best SEO techniques and methodologies and we define a minimum expectation level that we have, and you should too. MAXGROUP’S INDUSTRY-LEADING PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE Oh. And if you are exercising your right to speak to other companies in our space, ask them if they will operate (1) only month-to-month, no long-term contract, (2) if they can make specific guarantees that are measurable, (3) if they will generate a monthly report with the exact verifiable results from the previous month the way we do, and finally, (4) if they offer any money-back guarantee in writing. Then, listen to them tap-dance and tell you “nothing to see here”. CAUTION: Most SEO firms that provide any sort of guarantee simply say that they will “keep working to achieve results until they succeed, for free or no further charge until they do so” which is no real guarantee and does not take into consideration the implied cost of the delay in you achieving your desired results. Also, it is well-known in our industry that every college kid having completed one semester at their community college on digital marketing is now advertising as an “expert”. “The larger problem for businesses looking to increase market share by SEO efforts, is that if they pick the wrong company, and the correct ‘white hat’ techniques are not used, the hack company usually harms the business’s rank on search that might take 5 years or more to build back. We are called in to correct this all the time.” - Jeff Peltin, SVP & Chief Marketing & Training Officer In the end, our track record and results must speak for themselves and we are happy to share these with you so that you can evaluate for yourself our service levels and the outcomes achieved for you as our client.
  • The Most Important Question of All Is...?
    Since “Google is Your New Business Card,” you do now understand enough to know that you need SEO, don't you? Then contact MaxGroup and begin your SEO campaign. Don’t hesitate. Your competitor already did it. GET INFO NOW
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