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Dramatically Increase The Number Of Customers Who Find Your Business When They Are Searching

Mobile Text Marketing

Get Found At The Top Of The Search Results

Do you remember not so long ago if you wanted to check when a movie was playing, you'd consult your local newspaper? If you wanted to find someone to remodel your bathroom, you'd open the yellow pages. But for most consumers, those habits are as obsolete as a VHS tape or a pair of faded bell bottom pants.

Today, 85% of consumers use the Internet (search engine) regularly to find information on products, services or a business. The difference in where you show up in the search result rankings could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars in missed REVENUE!

Maximize Your

Online Visibility 

The Internet continues to be the most important and impactful marketing tool for every business with it's attention-grabbing qualities. Did you know the most remarkable feature of Internet Marketing is its capacity to let your business communicate directly with your target audience?

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The higher ranked (or earlier your site is listed) on the search results page, and more frequently your website appears in the search results list, the more visitors you will receive from the search engine’s users. More visitors can mean more page views, more leads, more sales, more revenue, and other business benefits that you don’t want to be missing out on. 


Dominate Top Search Results By Giving Google What It Wants


Google has to “trust” you to give you a high rank.  Trust can be earned, but not easily by most, and never by amateurs.  We’ve mastered this better than anyone.  And we’ll accomplish this for you! 


Google loves original content that it perceives has value to users.  Google values content so much, that 70% of your rank depends on it.  Lucky for you, we own a media company that will constantly create and publish compelling content all over the internet on behalf of you.  Google will love you for it! 


These ‘links that go back to your website’ from other sites are critical.  But, they must be placed on sites that Googles already trusts.  Pick the wrong site and Google will drop your rank.  This is a common error lesser companies make. If we get your backlink on Google News – Do you think Google will trust you? Yeah.  We can do that!  


Google’s 2014 algorithm will demolish your SEO rank if your site isn’t optimized for the mobile user. Need more information or an optimized site? Contact us immediately.  Without a mobile site, anything else you do won’t help your rank. 

4 Essentials
Maximize Your Online Visibility

Leap Over Your


It is essential that customers find you when they are searching for a company to do business with. People search for "what you sell" rather than by your company name since they don't even know your business exists.   

We get your website ranked at the top of search engine results for the keywords your new customers are searching for online. We will help you leap over your competitors in the search results of Google, Yahoo and Bing.   

The Internet offers an opportunity to introduce yourself to consumers exactly when they are searching for your product or service. That's why it is critical that you appear at the top of the major search engines because 95% of consumers never scroll past the first page of search results. Only 5.9% of clicks happen on pages 2-3 and even less for the rest.

MaxGroup SEO Division has refined the art and science of SEO, helping to direct interested consumers to your website the moment that they search. Our services will help you break into new markets that you may have overlooked. Our strategies will drive more clients to you than any other form of online advertising (e.g. PPC) and, save you money.

Connect with New Customers

Out of



If you're not on the first page of

the results customers are less

likely to find and do business

with you!

Connect With
New Customers

Increase Your

Customers and Sales

In the past, business owners had to spend thousands of dollars each month on marketing methods such as print, TV, radio, newspaper and coupon mailers in order to increase sales. Fast forward to today and smart businesses have shifted their marketing budget to the Internet.

Using MaxGroup's copyrighted and proprietary SEO software, our expert engineers will implement a customized and effective strategy to get and keep your business at the top of the search. You WILL experience an increase in customer traffic and sales!

Our Team Of Experts

Get You Results 

With over 500 changes to search engine algorithms annually, MaxGroup is actively evaluating, and making adjustments to your SEO campaign daily so that you are always guaranteed the best in search results.

With SEO services from MaxGroup Business Solutions, our professional IT consultants will help your site get discovered by:

  • Increasing Visibility with Google, Yahoo and Bing

  • Expanding Qualified Traffic to Your Site

  • Boosting Your Keyword Rankings

  • Publishing Your Listing to the Top Premium  Directories

  • Monitoring Your Online Reviews

  • Growing Social Media Activity for You 

You want your website in front of as many people as possible. Our SEO services provide

GUARANTEED lasting results that extend beyond a quick, temporary boost in rankings.

We offer a refreshingly transparent approach to online success through sound Search Engine Optimization that produces quantifiable, measurable and dependable results for thousands of clients around the world. 

Get SEO Results

MaxGroup SEO

Affordable. Dependable. Results. Guaranteed.

The Internet has two audiences: the searcher (your prospective customers) and the search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). Both are important. However, your Internet marketing strategy can’t work to please one while completely ignoring the other. 

At MaxGroup we provide a balanced and cohesive strategy that focuses on both the searcher and the search engine. We help your business get found online resulting in more business for you. 

It seems simple, right? While it’s a straightforward idea, the execution is complex and labor-intensive. And like your business, every plan is different.

That’s why we customize an exact and affordable formula that will guarantee success by getting you FOUND more often, and by you being able to REACH OUT to your audience whenever you want to drive their behavior in ways that produce more revenue for you.

We are experts at this and have been executing this successfully for 8 years. MaxGroup has thousands of clients including some of the most recognized brands in the world as well as the Federal Government as our customers that we serve every single month with our proprietary technology. Our mission is to help you rank higher in search engine results.

Which MaxGroup SEO Plan Is Best For You?

Learn About Our 4 Powerful Plans:

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Tracy Harle

Office Manager

They designed and created our website and they stay on top of our SEO (making sure we are #1 when you google a dentist in our area). It has been a pleasure working with MaxGroup Business Solutions and their staff.  My only regret is that we didn't make this decision sooner.

PC Magazine

Today, consumers across all age brackets use the Internet and, particularly for computer-savvy users, the Internet is the first place they'll turn for information about a business.

Geoff Miller

Director of Marketing

We have been amazed how big of a difference our SEO campaign has made for our business! We had to hire an additional receptionist because the call volume and customers have increased. We refer MaxGroup Business Solutions to everyone!  

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