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Do Business With You

Top Mobile Website Company 2018

If your current website is not mobile optimized, you are losing a lot of business! Google's new algorithm will actually search for sites that are mobile friendly first, and that will now and forever be a key determining factor on where your business comes up on Internet search results.

The higher you rank in the search engine results the more website visitors you receive. The Internet today is all about YOUR visibility. Don't spend another day losing out to your mobile-friendly competition. MaxGroup Business Solutions, a top mobile website company, can create a state of the art menu-driven mobile website that will drive your customer traffic to your business.

Mobile Text Marketing

Deliver A Great

Customer Experience

In order for your website to be effective two things have to happen. First, customers need to find your website (SEO) and second, they need to stay on your website long enough to learn what you do and then decide to do business with you.

We design your mobile website to be menu-driven so that your customers can very quickly and easily navigate through your menu to find the specific information they are looking for. Remember that they are viewing your website on their mobile device so it is essential that everything is formatted to enhance their viewing experience so they stay on your website and don't leave to go to your competitors site. 

Exposure & Traffic

64% of all mobile phone owners now use their smartphone device to access the web instead of their PCs or laptops. With a menu driven mobile website your customers will be able to access your business information quickly. Make your menu, list of services, phone number, directions and more really stand out.    

Improve visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. More search relevance is given to websites which are optimized and sites that have people search via their mobile phone.   

Conversion Rates

If they are happy with your site, mobile customers mean business. 73% of mobile searches trigger an additional action like making a phone call or visiting a business.

55% of customer conversions happen within one hour of conducting a mobile search. With a mobile website you can turn visitors into customers with features that drive business such as, Click To Call, Find Us, Mobile Coupons, Social Icons, Restaurant Menu, Multi-Location Maps and Contact Forms.    

Mobile Websites

Are Easily Found

The majority of customers that are searching for a business are doing so using an Internet search engine. Companies that spend 2-4 times the cost of a mobile website to develop an App for their business face the challenge of customers not finding them. An App has to be searched for by name in an App store and downloaded before it's ready to be used.  

One of the major benefits of a mobile website is that it will appears in simple Internet searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing and is ready for your customers to engage with right away.  

Featured Companies

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Features That Make It Easy For

Customers To Navigate Your Website

With a menu-driven mobile website your customers will be able to access your business information quickly and easily, resulting in more customers. 


Click To Call >

Get customers to call you with a 

click of a button.

Business Hours >

Display your business hours.

Find us >

Show your location with one

click Google maps and directions.

Multiple locations supported.

Menu >

Customers can view your menu

in an easy menu driven format

with titles, descriptions and pricing.

Services >

Highlight your products or 

services in a quick view

menu driven format.

Reviews >

Display your latest business reviews from Yelp on your mobile site. Automatically updates.

Mobile Coupons >

Add a customized coupon to your

site that can only be redeemed

one time.

Image Gallery >

Display images of your product

or service. Images optimized for

each device.

Contact Form >

Add a 'Contact Us' form to your site, so customers can get in touch with you at a click of a button.

Videos >

We can create a link to a YouTube

or Vimeo video so your customers

can view directly on their mobile phone.

Twitter >

Display your Twitter Feed on your mobile site, automatically updates.

And Many More.

Tammy McCormack

Operation Manager

We have seen a major increase in our business since we had MaxGroup Business Solutions optimized our website. They made our menu very simple for our customers to go through which has increased our carryout orders.

64% of mobile phone owners now use their device to access the web instead of their PCs or laptops - and these include people of all ages. 60% will abandon a site right away that isn't optimized for mobile because pinching and zooming through a site is a pain.

Tim Williams


We have about 30 procedures with descriptions for each one listed on our website and the pages were long and very difficult to scroll through. The tabs make it much easier for our customers to learn what we do. We love it! 

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