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Connect, Engage, & Interact With Your Customers To Increase Your Business

Enable Multi-Messaging Capabilities For

Your Website or Application With API

Channel the power of our messaging and customer database platform into your applications.
Each business is different with unique needs and goals. That’s why we’ve opened our industry-leading messaging platform through application programming interfaces (APIs). Backed by a robust infrastructure designed for reliability, scalability, and security, our APIs provide powerful and efficient ways of integrating our features with your services and applications.


Our messaging system enables you to send outbound messages to your audience as well as collect inbound contact information and messages. Leverage our multi-channel messaging platform to communicate to and from SMS, MMS, email, voice, or instant messaging.

  • Send your message through one channel, all, or a combination of them to reach your subscribers on their preferred method of communication.

  • Deliver your message to one or a group of subscribers (i.e., distribution list).

  • Schedule messages to be delivered immediately or at a specific time and date.

  • Configure message delivery to be one time or recurring.   

Customer Database:

To be able to send and receive messages successfully, your contact database is key.

  • Add contacts manually or automatically (through mobile keywords, online sign-up pages, etc.).

  • Manage individual subscribers by adding, editing, or deleting their subscriptions.

  • Target your audience by grouping subscribers into distribution lists based on specific data.

Keyword and Short Code:

The backbone of any mobile text campaign is the mobile keyword. Create and manage your keyword all through our API as well as create customized response messages to be sent to your users when they text in your keyword.

  • Check the availability of your desired mobile keyword.

  • Add, update, or delete keywords.

  • Configure response messages to be sent automatically when your keyword is texted in by customers.

  • Both dedicated and shared short codes are available.

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