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Connect, Engage, & Interact With Your Customers To Increase Your Business

QR Codes Make It Quicker For

Customers To Connect With You

A Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned by a smart phone's camera to transfer important information back to the phone. Using MaxGroupPro’s QR Code Service, people can scan your QR Code and automatically link to a webpage of your choice for more info about your product. You can also setup a QR Code that when scanned automatically composes a text message with your keyword and short code so that all people need to do is press SEND to join your mobile list. An automated text message can be sent back to them with a special coupon or offer, and you automatically store their mobile numbers in your database so that you can text them later. Increase Customer Reach & Retention, Easily Track Number of Scans and Mobile Sign Ups and Quickly Grow Your Mobile Database.

The Benefits Of QR Codes:

  • Increase Customer Reach and Retention. 

  • Easily Track Number of Scans and Mobile Sign Ups. 

  • Quickly Grow Your Mobile Database.   

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