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Connect, Engage, & Interact With Your Customers To Increase Your Business

Easily Target Market To A Specific Group Of Your Data Base 

Do you get frustrated about not having enough time to execute your marketing campaign? This may be one of the top reasons that slow your business down given your limited time and staffing. Save hours and put an end to repeatedly selecting, sorting, and grouping contacts from your distribution lists for each campaign.

Turn your manual distribution list into an automated list that stays up-to-date without lifting a finger. Based on your criteria defined by Smart Filters, Dynamic Targets search for contact information that meets all of your criteria 24 hours a day so you don’t have to.

Now you can match the most relevant messages to each target, improving response rates and customer satisfaction. Let MaxGroupPro help you sort your lists and update them automatically, saving you valuable time and resources.

Hit The Marketing Bullseye With Dynamic Targets:

  • Grow targeted distribution lists automatically for future marketing campaigns.

  • Minimize opt-outs by sending customized messages that are most relevant to each customer. Blanket messaging with a generic offer will only increase your spam score.

  • Dynamic Targets update automatically in real time with each new opt-in or as subscribers interact in certain predictive ways during various campaigns.   

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