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Affiliate Link

You should know that we go through great lengths in vetting companies, products and services before we recommend them. Now, that does NOT mean that we guarantee their products or services. But we only deal with affiliates that DO have great guarantees and honor them. So should you ever have a negative experience with one, take it up with them first, but let us know how it turns out. Because if they mess with you – we will kick them to the curb!


Letting you know that we get commissions for affiliate links is a good practice because:

  1. The FTC can levy a fine on a company of $11,000 for not doing so. You gotta love regulations. For more info about the fine folks at the FTC, MORE

  2. We are seriously first and foremost in the business of providing you, the user with the best experience possible in terms of free information, resources, ideas, and partnership for your success. So to help us continue to provide you with continued resources, and to keep as much of it free as possible, the commissions we earn do help offset our costs. So thank you.

  3. Finally, as much as we love our company ferret – really – he’s gotta eat or he gets very cranky and bites like hell! But you have to admit, he is adorable!


Thanks for your readership, support, and let us know of any suggestions you have of how we can provide you with more of what you’re searching for! 

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