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We Do What's Right

MaxGroup Business Solutions

Corporate Responsibility

Areas of Commitment
Every time we open our doors, onboard a new client, or hire a new teammate, we continue a commitment that's been growing since our humble beginning in 2010.  We are committed as a member of our world-community to a brighter future for our clients, our team members, our communities and the greater world we live in. 
At MaxGroup Business Solutions our areas of tangible monetary commitment and personal hands-on involvement include feeding the hungry and providing shelter, total inclusiveness and equality, human rights, respect and dignity for all individuals, education, sustainability, responsible sourcing, and caring for the families of our corporate and field team members as well as encouraging engagement of our team to volunteerism.
DISCLAIMER:  Out of our commitment to neutrality and to empower the diversity of all people, we do not financially support organizations that are primarily religious or politically based, regardless of affiliation. 
A Legacy of Giving and Service
Supporting communities through giving has always been a cornerstone of our business and a belief that guides so many of our decisions. Each year, we’ve given 10 percent of our profits to organizations from our stand to make a profound and lasting difference on the planet.
We begin by contributing 5 percent of profits to international organizations that make the most valuable use of such (as measured by ) including World Vision, The Hunger Project, The Trevor Project, The Human Rights Campaign, The Sierra Club, The Humane Society and Doctors Without Borders.  To be included, organizations must have a minimum of 3 out of 4 stars.
Continuing our efforts to social community responsibility, we also direct 5 percent more of our profit to our local communities, and the worthwhile causes and campaigns of our corporate and field team members totaling more than 10 percent each year.  Typically these might include the local food banks, local emergency relief, children’s athletic event support, hospice care and animal, wildlife and endangered species organizations at our co-workers behest for organizations in the communities in which they live and love.  
We also believe and encourage that donating our time, talent and resources is equally important as the income we give. Our team members give countless hours volunteering in their own communities every year.
A Great Place to Work
We’re devoted to helping our team members throughout the country live well and achieve their goals, knowing that their diverse lives, perspectives, talents and commitment make both our company and our communities the best they can be. We support team members’ paths to health and well-being through resources, services and benefits programs for eligible team members, spouses, domestic partners and other dependents. And we develop leaders and invest in team members’ futures through career development and networking opportunities.
With a very large and extremely diverse field force, and sizeable corporate support team, we are purposeful about our opportunity.  All of our teammates are compensated based on an incentive structure and we encourage a business ownership mentality which we refer to as being a Free Agent.
We prefer success-coaches to bosses, encourage active participation in the evolution of MaxGroup, and empower all of our business partners to make decisions on their own and then own the decisions that they make.  The most ambitious of our outside Rep Sales Team can boast out-earning the average CEO in the country with much of that compensation resulting from residual income from portfolios of accounts that they sourced, sold and service. Even our intern positions are all compensated as we are committed to livable and sustainable wages for every team member.
Rounding out our role as a model corporate citizen MaxGroup Business Solutions pledges not to ever discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran or military status, political affiliation, sexual orientation/identification (LGBTQIA and gender-nonconforming), marital status or disability with respect to its opportunity to become a teammate, advance in rank, amount of earnings or any other benefit.  Further, MaxGroup shall strictly enforce the best example of tolerance within its team, leadership and workforce at all times and has a zero tolerance policy of discriminatory or otherwise bullying or disrespectful behavior within its team.       

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