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Connect, Engage, & Interact With Your Customers To Increase Your Business

Real-Time Response-Based Automation

To Engage Your Audience

Imagine a survey that is smart enough to ask follow-up questions and engage your customers based on how they reply. Luckily, our MaxGroup Auto Campaign feature can do just that, all while collecting more and more information so you can target your campaigns more effectively. 


Our powerful Auto Campaign feature, Real-Time Response-Based Automation, helps you automatically store captured data into your database without using a keyword and take an action or ask follow-up questions based on subscriber responses.


For example, employees may not be checking their announcements on time, your HR department would want to get the attention of your employees on their benefits updates via texting. HR can send: “Enrolling Time! Reply back if you want more information about: A) 401k B) Gym C) Lunch Options D) Child Care E) PTO”. Based on their answer the employee would be sent relevant information. If “B” is the response, the system can also give further options by asking: “To learn more, reply back with 1) Yoga 2) Basketball 3) Weight Lifting 4) Swimming Programs.”


All of this is done instantly, allowing for real-time conversations with your customers or employees.

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