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MaxGroup Business Solutions

Operations and Security

Salient Characteristics 
MaxGroup Business Solutions is a Full Service Multichannel Mobile Marketing and Communications company with a very comprehensive custom created proprietary technology platform and system that meets and in fact exceed the needs of Federal Governmental Agencies.
As such, MaxGroup is approved and compliant in the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM).  This means that MaxGroup has been vetted and is in compliance to bid on and be awarded federal contracts.  MaxGroup has also been identified as a Sole Source provider for the Federal Government based upon the unique and proprietary abilities and that we are “CAGE-CODE” certified by The System for Award Management (SAM) Administrator. 
Unique Features
Other “Text-SMS” Companies average 6-7 features on average.  MBS currently makes available 24 standard features with another dozen for use including Dynamic Targeting (set specific parameters specifically determined by a client to be important and to target specific groups), Voice Broadcasts, and Integration of both Email and Newsletter campaigns as well as other custom created web based informational and retrieval notices and forms deemed necessary to meet the needs of such clients.  Text-SMS companies are not equipped to complete these tasks.
Campaign Management
Text-SMS carriers average 6-7 separate internal management tools within their taskbar. MaxGroup has available 9 General Customer Management, 8 Message Management, and 13 Account Systems Management features (30 total) allowing us to consolidate all required labor intensive tasks converting to digital and eliminating potential overlapping tasks.
Most all Text-SMS companies do not make “failed message reporting” a feature available to their clients. This is because their failed message rates tend to run very high.  
(See Section Below) MaxGroup delivers this as a regular part of every client’s campaign management tools.
Client Communication Delivery Systems
How MaxGroup Business Solutions Delivers Services:
SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer). This method goes thru an approved and designated 
FCC Aggregator
that is provisioned with all mobile carriers so that the deliverability is in the
98-100% range.
How Most All Other Text Alone Companies Deliver Services:
The other less expensive and less deliverability method is SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Most carriers use this method which for them is less expensive but uses email to go thru first (kind of like VOIP) and then reverts to SMS format. 
The result for SMTP is that deliverability is usually, according to the Mobile Marketing Association 35 to 55% best case, since they are not using an approved aggregator and more than half of mobile carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) see these messages as SPAM and block them. MaxGroup uses only SMPP messaging 100% of the time guaranteeing 98% – 100% deliverability of the message.
Multiple Short Code Numbers
If a client has participants opting into their data base and they are with a Text-SMS only company that only has one Short Code Number, which most do they are always at risk of losing their contact with their entire base.
If a company’s short code is shut down for any reason, (dozens were shut down by the FCC in 2014 for CAN-SPAM violations), the client will have no options and will not be able to send text messages or have customers’ text to join their data base, or be able to export their data base. It would be lost forever.  At MaxGroup we have provisioned numerous Short Codes at our disposal. This is to protect our company and our clients against any unforeseen issues with a Short Code.
Although MaxGroup has NEVER had a Short Code shut down, if it were, we would immediately simply transfer the business and the client’s data to another one of our active Short Codes. It is simply a catastrophe waiting to happen for a client to pay a Text Marketing company that only has one or two short codes. MaxGroup has the most codes active out of any company in the country!
The Associate Director for Configuration Management Cybersecurity Department, Information Technology Services Division, has verified that MaxGroup data is secured and encrypted using HTTPS and that we do have FIPS140-2 mechanisms in place to be compliant with the requirements of the federal government.
MaxGroup servers are housed in a SSAE 16 type II audited data center with 24 hour monitored security, redundant power and cooling, active fire detection and suppression, and staffed 24×7 by senior systems and network engineers. Our storage infrastructure is highly durable and fault tolerant, and our databases are backed up daily and securely transferred and stored with military grade AES-256 encryption to multiple off-site locations, and our data management practices and privacy policies have been TRUSTe audited and certified. MaxGroup also offers SSL encryption with all plans.
We have this in place because we already support county, city, state, and federal agencies and their contractors which require such security in order to interface with us.
MBS has triple redundancy in secure closed door facilities in Arizona, California as well as cloud based storage and ability to instantly retrieve data.
Client Support Services
Almost all competitive companies usually employ support ticket only options for their clients.
A few have phone support available weekdays from 9-5 or other normal business hours.
MaxGroup’s normal business hours for our worldwide headquarters are from Monday through
Thursday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time for normal administrative responsibilities.
For all situations that the client deems to be an emergency, MaxGroup operates a toll-free number that is staffed by appropriate technical support at our Urgent Customer Care Center and those clients requirements are met 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
All customer service is U.S. based 100% of the time. 

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