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Sometimes, all we really want is a simple answer. With the Yes/No Response feature, gain immediate feedback by asking your audience to respond to a question via SMS with 'Yes' or 'No'. This interactive feature is great for growing your contact database via voting keyword. Or, if you already have a sizeable contact list, you can easily text a voting question to get instant replies. Detailed reports track responses in real-time for maximum efficiency and convenience. For a wider range in possible answers for your voting questions, take advantage of Multi-channel Voting.

Say "Yes" To The Benefits:

  • Grow your contact database whenever a subscriber texts your keyword.

  • Customize your SMS auto-responses for "Yes" replies and "No" replies.

  • Automatically track who has participated and who has not.

  • Receive immediate responses from your audience in critical situations.

  • Get reports on who participated, their responses, and statistical results.   

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