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Turn Facebook Into Facetime

With Your Customers

With close to 1 billion active users, Facebook is a marketing and advertising goldmine. Tap into this powerful resource to start growing your customer database with our easy-to-use Facebook Widget!

Simply place the widget on your Facebook Page to begin collecting contact information of any Fan, Friend, or visitor. From phone numbers to occupation, you can collect any kind of information you need to create targeted and effective campaigns! Best of all, the collected information automatically populates your marketing database.

Collect Contact Effectively With These Handy Features:

  • Contacts are conveniently stored and organized into distribution lists.

  • Capture your entire Facebook audience by posting your widget on multiple Facebook Pages simultaneously.

  • Customize the look of your widget with custom background images.

  • Auto-respond to new sign-ups with a message, like a thank-you greeting or promotional information.   


Makes It Easy For Customers To Join Your Mobile Community

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