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Capture Attention

With A Single Word

Information today needs to be digested as quickly as possible for those on the go. With mobile keywords, you can collect opt-in mobile numbers automatically so that you can then deliver content to your audience in quick, bite-sized bits. In a single memorable word, a mobile keyword makes it easy for you to establish two-way communications for high-impact messages and offers. Deliver product information, promotions, giveaways, or surveys. Plus, you’ll be growing your subscriber database in no time.

Include your keyword and short code in advertisements, brochures, or in-store posters to maximize your reach. And just like that, you can engage your audience through their mobile phones no matter where they are.   

Keywords from MaxGroupPRO enable you to:

Go beyond standard keyword capability and integrate advanced features like Mobile Voting, Text-to-Screen, and Shuffle Responder to offer a unique experience for your customers.

  • Collect more than mobile numbers by setting up additional fields to collect such as email, name, preference, demographic information, and much more with Keyword Data Capture.

  • Set up customized responses so that when someone texts in your mobile keyword, your message automatically goes out to them. You can even send out Mobile Coupons or links to your website.

  • Stay connected with your subscriber by setting up follow-up text messages to be sent minutes, hours, or days after someone joins your list.

  • Get email or SMS alerts when someone joins your list so that you monitor your campaigns and keep track of new leads in real time.   

How It Works:

  1. A mobile keyword is a one-word phrase that identifies your product, service, event, organization, or positioning.

  2. People send your keyword via SMS text message to your short code to subscribe to your contact list and receive additional information.

  3. They’ll get your automated response message and their numbers are added to your distribution list for your future campaigns. This automated response can be modified at any time.   


Makes It Easy For Customers To Join Your Mobile Community

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