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Hiring The Right People For Your Business

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On the surface, your company may be a pillar of strength, achievement, and success. Those of us who have been in business for ourselves for a while know what it took to get there, while some of us starting out have an interesting road ahead of us. How do companies grow from a seed idea into multi-million-dollar corporations that sustain thousands of employees and families?

Simple. They focus on hiring the right employees.

Apple, Tesla, Amazon….what do these industry giants have in common? They have managed to create easily sustainable systems that incorporate and train employees well. Not only do they train their employees efficiently, but they offer incentives and rewards for remaining a valuable member of their organization. Each person has a specific function and role, and all work symbiotically together to create consistent successes.

Not a single company out there exists that was “great” to begin with. Building your business, no matter what size you envision in your head, starts with finding great people who share your fervent passion and vision for growth. As you consider who you want to take with you on your ride to the top, think about qualities that you would look for in a good friend or dependable partner. In addition to being able to perform the duties and skills befitting of a position in your company, other character traits are essential for developing a long and prosperous relationship. Follow that gut instinct, draft the vision and goals you have for yourself and your company, and look for these valuable character traits that will be an essential part of your overall success:

What does my ideal employee look like?

As you head into interviews, ask yourself some key questions about people you wish to plug into your organization, such as:

  • What talents and strengths do they have?

  • Why do they want to work for you?

  • Will they be an asset or a liability?

  • Are they “aware and available”?

  • Can you see yourself and your organization working with them long-term?

If answering any of these questions leaves you with a nagging sense of doubt about their fit in your organization, keep looking. Eventually, you will find those people who contribute to your dream and vision for the future. Here’s a snapshot of the ideal employee:

He/she is emotionally available. We’ve all worked with people who suck the life out of us or those who cannot maintain positive working relationships with others because there is just too much going on in other areas of life. A person who is emotionally aware can contribute to others in ways that don’t drain and detract. Seeing how someone can positively contribute to your work climate for the long haul will be essential to long-term growth and success. A word of advice, dear entrepreneur? Take care of these positive go-getters; they will become the lifeblood of your business.

He/she has talents and skills that fit in a specific place. You wouldn’t want to hire someone as a machinist that has a knack for bookkeeping, and vice versa. As you think about the particular responsibilities and duties that exist within your organization, you’ll want to search for people who embody these talents and skills; that’s one less thing to worry about when implementing your own training measures. Building a well-balanced team of people who enhance each other’s strengths will ensure that you can all fall back on each other in moments where additional innovation and creativity are needed.

He/she is efficient and downright speedy. Your people should be people that get stuff done….and quickly. Statistically, the fastest-growing companies are growing because their employees are independent and efficient at what they do. Your team will work best when all contribute to an efficient work environment--no dilly-dallying.

He/she has goals and purpose. As you consider new hires, ask yourself--and them--why they are there. Ask what their goals are, what the overall purpose is for their interest in your company. If their goals and purpose line up with your needs, you’re golden. On the other hand, if they just need a job for two weeks while they’re lining up participation in a witness protection program, it might be in your best interests to look elsewhere. Get this conversation out of the way immediately, as it can really be a downer to find that someone you like is not a good fit for your vision of the future.

He/she is self-directed. One of the essential qualities of any good employee is the ability to self-manage and self-direct. No one wants to circle desks several times daily to micromanage processes. Find those key people who demonstrate initiative and drive, and plug them into your organization to inspire others. Offer incentives for demonstration of this quality, and you’ll be building upon others’ natural strengths to influence all in your organization.

We’re here to help!

MaxGroup Business Solutions professionals have the drive, talent, and valuable business-building advice that we’d like to impart to you! Cutting-edge technologies, real-world industry experience, and a passion for your growth and success all contribute to a winning partnership. Join us today, and see just how we can exponentially expand your business. Visit for more information.


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