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How to Boost Business After The Holidays

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The holidays are now behind us, and as we are left cleaning up wrapping paper, decorations, sales receipts, and monthly financial reports, we find ourselves thinking about the new year ahead. Business owners are always thinking about the next promotion, the next marketing technique, and new strategies for bringing in customers. With January statistically being a slower month for sales than the holidays, what can we do to boost sales and see a consistent profit when it seems customers have taken a reprieve from ordering?

The good news is, you don’t just have to accept the post-holiday sales slump; you can employ specific strategies and take action that will ensure consistent sales, no matter what time of year it is. Read on to see how you can beat the holiday sales slump:

  1. Reveal post-holiday coupons. Customers statistically make more sales during the holiday season, which means that you may have the unique opportunity to promote after-season sales. Including special coupons that customers can only use after January 1st will entice them to look at what you have to offer at this specific time, helping to boost your beginning of the year revenue.

  2. Don’t get discouraged by returns. There are more returns right after the holidays than at any other time of the year; be ready for these returns by offering incentives to exchange or purchase other items that may be of interest to your customers. Placing a focus on smooth transactions and superior customer service will keep you at the forefront of their minds when considering a purchase in subsequent months.

  3. Host a customer loyalty event. As a thank you for their loyalty and support over the holidays, host a postseason customer loyalty event where customers can take advantage of special promotions, the opportunity to purchase limited edition items, and some top-notch customer sales and service that will make them feel valued and keep them coming back for more.

  4. Follow up with holiday shoppers. What better way to communicate that you care about your customers than by following up with them after purchases to ensure that they are satisfied? Send out emails, a new blog post, or a social media survey to gather new data and offer promotions that customers can use all year long. You can use the data to improve products and services that will place you above your competitors.

  5. Host a contest. Keeping the fun going by hosting a contest will provide your customers with an incentive to interact with you. Ask them to send in holiday photos, memories, or even plans for the new year to exchange coupons, discounts, or gifts with purchase.

  6. Put some extra revenue toward marketing. If you find yourself with some extra change in your pocket after the holidays, consider putting it toward a new marketing campaign, hiring a blogging expert, or boosting your business in the community in other innovative ways. The extra effort will be worth any time spent when you see additional profits start to pour in.

  7. Stock up on media content for later. If business remains slow during the first few months, focus on content like social media campaigns and blog posts that you can use later in the year when you might not have additional time to create. Plan now for later use, and you’ll be using the time more efficiently in preparation for more consistent sales.

  8. Launch a new product or service. It is the perfect time to think about launching a new product or service, as you may have more time on your hands. New products and services may lead to additional sales, helping you get over the post-holiday slump easily.

  9. Wrap in a promotion with New Year’s resolutions. It’s the time of year when people set New Year’s resolutions and goals to improve their lives. Think creatively as you design new promotions and feature products; see if you can relate them to goals that your customers prioritize and watch the profits roll in as they connect purchases to their daily activities.

  10. Get your finances in order. There’s no better time to focus on the year ahead by getting a handle on your finances. Regardless of where you are financially, now is the time to look at the books and plan for better fiscal responsibility in the new year. Create a plan to eliminate debt, boost sales, and operate in the black all year round.

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