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Integrity An Essential Part Of Business Success

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Starting a business can be both rewarding and challenging. It involves many pieces coming together to form a seamless framework that serves both entrepreneur and customer. When you give your best to all your business details, you can be sure that consistent actions involving integrity will breed success. Cutting corners and attempting to take advantage of employees and customers will inevitably end up with you in the doghouse, wondering where all your support went. Let's take a look at the character trait of integrity and how it is absolutely essential to your business's growth and long-term survival. If you're not used to dotting all "i's" and crossing all "t's," it's time to develop some new habits. Read on to see how integrity can make an impact on your business.

You'll build a stronger reputation.

You'll soon realize that your reputation is everything as you build your business. Trust is an essential part of any relationship you're trying to develop. Acting in integrity will quickly establish trust between you and those you deal with, allow for deeper, more profitable relationships over time. Whether these relationships are with suppliers, customers, or fellow employees, you'll be far more likely to have positive business dealings with people who feel they can trust you.

Employees will love working for you.

Most people want to have a satisfactory work-life, and working for someone who doesn't ask them to compromise their own principles is more rewarding to work for than someone who demonstrates an inability to remain true to their word. Recent studies done at Adelphi University indicated that an employee's perceptions of a manager's behavior and integrity are directly tied to satisfaction and happiness on the job. Demonstrating those aspects of character that you wish your employees to embody will be easier as you lead them into it.

You'll be known for quality.

Acting in integrity inevitably produces higher quality products and services for your customers. Finding areas of deficiency and continually working to improve your products and services will communicate that you are interested in quality rather than quantity; for that, you will gain a consistent and loyal following.

You'll enjoy long-term, consistent success.

Problems will inevitably come up when starting a business and finding a solid footing in the market. Anyone can be tempted to cut corners and find shortcuts to more profits, but this is not the way to find lasting success in the market. Shortcuts may work for a "short" time, but all attempts to cover up deficiencies and dishonest business practices will be revealed eventually. Correcting mistakes, exposing areas of weakness, and fixing issues is the only way to procure lasting success and prosperity.

You'll enjoy better focus and clarity.

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." Sir Walter Scott penned these words centuries ago, yet they still ring true today. Dishonest business practices like lying and cheating will leave you with the difficult work of covering your tracks. If you commit to honest dealings with people, you'll free up more of your time to focus on your goals, rather than covering up lies and deceit that can lead to damaged relationships.

You'll enjoy a better company culture.

Creating a group culture of honesty and integrity in your business will inspire your employees to act accordingly. They will make better decisions, act with customers and fellow employees in mind, and contribute to a more positive and productive workplace.

You'll enjoy more sales.

Ethical business practices are essential to today's savvy consumers. As such, these intelligent consumers would much rather do business with someone bringing integrity into all aspects of business. Every interaction with integrity builds trust, and trust will deepen and add loyalty to relationships over time.

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