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Max Growth In Minimum Time Advice From The Experts

Business Owner

So, you’ve started a business…...congratulations! You’re on the precipice of greatness, and you’ve got dreams and aspirations for what your life will become in the next few years. With some determination, hard work, and a lot of persistence, you’ll do great things as you bring wonderful new products and services to the world.

Many entrepreneurs have the misconception that they’ll be successful right out the door, but the reality is that consistent and lasting growth and success take time. Surrounding yourself with solid people and solid advice will significantly improve your stats, as will taking advice from experienced ones who have gone before you. Startling statistics on small businesses reveal that nearly half of them fail within the first three years of inception, and even more within the first five years. As you prepare to go full steam ahead, take the advice of those who have achieved stability. Follow these tips for max growth in minimum time, courtesy of some entrepreneurial experts:

  1. Don’t try to birth an “adult” company. We have very different expectations for our children than we do adults. Similarly, we should not be expecting our infant endeavors to perform as a mature, stable company would. You’ll end up frustrated, disappointed, and disillusioned by your results. Start with small yet achievable goals that you can reach as milestones to more significant accomplishments, and in no time, you’ll find yourself with a flourishing empire.

  2. Get connected. Start connecting right now with like-minded people, other people in your industry, other entrepreneurs who can inspire you and share information that will help you in your process. In addition to keeping connected with other business owners, you’ll need to foster relationships with clients, both new and old. Relationships must be the foundation of all your business-building efforts; be diligent about giving as well as receiving, and watch the magic happen.

  3. Adopt the mindset of a “franchisor.” A franchise is characterized as an easily duplicatable system, one that can be run by anyone trained in the art of its operation. Adopting the mindset of a franchisor means you’re already thinking of ways to turn over responsibilities to others so that you can focus on big-picture things. Putting key people in places of responsibility will ensure that you can focus your efforts on growth and expansion rather than daily details.

  4. Embody the essentials. What are the essentials, you ask? Studies of stable businesses across the United States revealed that these three characteristics must be consistently displayed across all business transactions for a business to thrive. They are:

    1. Discipline--Orders get shipped, transactions are completed, bills are paid on time and in full. An entrepreneur does what is needed to do to keep customers and vendors coming back for more.

    2. Organization--A business owner has a handle on a day-to-day operations and plans for future growth. Schedules are maintained, employees are managed and trained, and his/her finger is on the pulse of all aspects of operation.

    3. Communication--A successful business owner has the market cornered on proper communication. Through emails, phone calls, meetings, and other methods of reaching out, expectations and relationships are clarified, and people come together through mutually beneficial terms.

Just do it already! Many “would-be” entrepreneurs sit on the sidelines for years, planning, strategizing, talking about their dreams. However, when it comes down to the business of starting, they never quite have the chutzpah to start. Conceptualizing and planning a business does take some pre-planning and faith that your ideas will work, but it also requires action. Wayne Gretzky, famed hockey player, sums up acting in faith perfectly…..

You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.

You want to be an entrepreneur? You want to have more power over your life? Then take action now and start doing what is required to build your dream. Make those calls, set up investor meetings, pitch your idea, work long hours to make it happen. Set aside the excuses and the uncertainty and build your dream!

Want some help? We can get you started on the fast track to success!

At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we know what it takes to make a business grow from good to great; our talented team of professionals has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to springboard you to success. Partnering with us is choosing growth and success! For more information on how to get started on your new and exciting pathway, visit


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