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Post-Pandemic Business Strategies That Are Here To Stay

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in December of 2019, we had little idea of how dramatically--and permanently--it would impact the way we do business. Virtually every aspect of life was altered as we adjusted to social distancing, stricter compliance, and government restrictions that, at times, made it more difficult to make a profit.

While some chose to demonstrate flexibility and “out-of-the-box thinking,” others clung to the status quo, hoping that life would return to normal in a few short months. Here we are, over a year later, and those who adapted and made changes to our original business model have been successful. As we return to more of a “normal” once more, we likely implemented many changes during the pandemic that will continue to serve us--and our customers--well even now. Consider the long-term use of these “pandemic strategies'' that have made life easier and more profitable for all:

  1. Going cashless and contactless--Businesses that continue face-to-face service with customers continue to explore ways to reduce contact between employees and clients, including cashless/contactless options for purchase or receiving services. If you can continue implementing technology and protocols to make this happen, you’ll keep profits coming in, even from your most cautious clients.

  2. Delivery services--There has never been a time when more people are choosing to work from home. With more people needing delivery services for groceries, household supplies, and medical supplies, you’ll see additional revenue coming in from a consistent delivery service that you provide. Easy work, flexible hours, and continued service to your patrons spells success for everyone.

  3. A focus on e-commerce sales--Customer e-commerce trends have significantly increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Business restrictions, social distancing guidelines, and adaptations to the way we usually purchase have been radically changed by the “new normal.” Even though restrictions are starting to lift, many of us have gotten used to these new accommodations; finding ways to continue to cater to those preferences will keep you relevant to all customers.

  4. Increased sanitation measures--With the evolution of the pandemic, many people have also gotten used to increased sanitation measures to clean shared surfaces in your business. Countertops, shelves, and bathrooms are all getting the extra once-over to ensure that people with any hesitancy are made to feel a little more comfortable when venturing out to do business in physical locations. Keeping these sanitation measures in place will continue to coax out your more timid crowd and will add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind for your employees as well.

  5. Placing focus on “local” service--If you have a physical location, now is the time to emphasize how well you serve your local crowd. Hosting a small customer appreciation event, a local contest, or featured products and how they will enhance your current customer needs are all wonderful ways to show your community that you care.

  6. New technology innovations--You’ve no doubt implemented a few new tech tricks since the evolution of the pandemic. Whether it’s new software to keep track of online business or a killer email campaign to focus on attracting new clients, keep those measures in place as you venture forward this year. If you can find a way to balance standard business measures with new strategies, you’ll attract more customers in the long run.

  7. Video meetings--Sure, it’s fun to get together from time to time with your employees and jostle elbows as you gather round the table for a brainstorm session, but some people still don’t feel comfortable in close quarters. Who are we kidding? Plenty of multitasking goes on behind the scenes at these virtual meetings, so as long as your objectives are met, let it happen. Offering video meetings from time to time will continue to cater to all comfort levels while providing additional ways to be more time efficient.

  8. Work from home options--While we’re on the subject of your employees, why not continue to offer the opportunity to work from home? You’ve made it this far, and some people are able to be more productive and efficient as they work remotely than they would be if they were to be burdened with issues like commuting, childcare, etc. Work with your employees individually to see what works best for them; in turn, they will feel valued and respected, and this forms the basis for a solid working relationship.

MaxGroup Business Solutions has the tools, strategies, and professional service to help you through your post-pandemic challenges and beyond. See the innovative marketing and customer relations campaigns we offer and what they can do for your business--they can truly take you to the next level of growth and success. Visit for more information.


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