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Small Business Trends To Watch In 2022

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Small business has really faced its share of challenges in recent years; Lockdowns, changes to daily protocols and procedures, and emerging e-competition might have all taken their toll on your pocketed profits. To stay ahead of the game, it’s necessary to change your routine and adopt new business trends that yield consistent results.

What trends should we look for?

Heading into a new year brings exciting new challenges and responsibilities. Setting personal and professional goals will help you stay on track and bring in more business than ever before. What trends should you be looking for as a way of making your business fresh, engaging, and relevant? Read on to see what’s on the business horizon for 2022:

  1. E-Commerce domination. A steady stream of brick-and-mortar businesses have now made a permanent shift to focus on e-commerce. Whether you’ve mastered internet e-commerce, or you have yet to put your wares online, know that this is the business wave of the future, and you must put time and attention into building your online presence, making it congruent with your physical locations and what they have to offer.

  2. Use of mobile marketing platforms. Nearly 80 percent of adults now have a mobile device that they carry with them on the daily. Many use features on their mobile devices to search for products and services. Making your website and apps engaging and user-friendly will ensure that traffic keeps coming to you rather than your competitors.

  3. Development of apps. With more people using your mobile website to do business, it may be time to pair your mobile platform with an app that is easy to use. Sync your app with other social media platforms to keep customers informed when you roll out promotions, unveil new products, and collect data.

  4. Personalization of customer service. Exploring web analytics tools will give you more insight into who your customers really are. Knowing a bit about your target audience will allow you to personalize your customer service in a way that keeps them highly engaged.

  5. Increased remote work opportunities. Recent changes to society require that we remain flexible and fluid when dealing with employees. Working with and designing a schedule that works for all is not only appreciated but expected in times like these. Offering your employees remote work opportunities will show them that you value their time and commitments. In doing so, you create trust and loyalty that will keep your employees within your organization.

  6. Far-reaching online communities. People want to connect in new ways, and offering your customers the chance to do so with webinars, classes, and forums will be yet another way of keeping your customers coming back for more. Use this time and get to know your customers and collect valuable data that will allow you to better serve them.

  7. Promotion of data transparency. A small business handling private information for their customers needs to handle this information with discretion and integrity. Provide a privacy policy that clearly outlines how websites use personal data to better serve their customers.

  8. Becoming eco-friendly and socially responsible. Consumers are now demanding that companies step up and take a social stance on issues like the environment, climate change, and even equitable business practices. This is a very attractive aspect of your business, and your commitment to becoming more eco-friendly and socially responsible will naturally attract people to you that share similar values.

Jump into the New Year with us!

MaxGroup Business Solutions remains on the cutting edge of business trends that work; our professional package design team will joyfully work with you to develop brand strategies that are in alignment with up-and-coming trends and those that stand the test of time. Join forces with us and see how we can improve your business in the coming year and beyond. Visit for more information.


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