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Strategies For Improving Employee Motivation

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When building a business, an entrepreneur must wear many hats. From raising funds to crafting a business plan and thinking about marketing strategies, we must look at our businesses from all angles to ensure long term success. We must also think about those that we bring along with us as we climb the ladder of prosperity.

Are you doing this by yourself, or have you accumulated some employees along the way?

Many of us underestimate the value that we have in our employees; choosing to surround ourselves with quality people who share a vision of success is important, but so is investing in their growth and development. Your business grows to the extent that your employees do---when they feel fulfilled, valued, and respected, you will see a significant change in how they perform for you and your business.

What are you doing to give back?

Motivation is a vital part of gaining employee loyalty; a great leader and business owner knows how to inspire others to do their best, even when the going gets tough. Regardless of where you are in your growth plan right now, you need to invest in and motivate your employees to continue seeing consistent gains. Here are some solid strategies for motivating and inspiring your team:

1. Teach the value of setting goals. Goal setting attaches meaning to day-to-day activities; studies show that linking personal productivity to organizational goals and long-term vision significantly impacts employee engagement. Teach the value of setting goals by:

  1. Establishing what is expected of your team

  2. Helping them to visualize what success will look like, personally and as an organization

  1. Communicating that their contributions make a difference to all involved.

2. Celebrate personal and professional milestones. Setting and celebrating milestones and achievements communicates value to your employees; they are more likely to remain invested in your leadership and the organization if they feel valued and important. Something as small as a birthday celebration can let an employee know that they have meaningful relationships within a work environment. The shared vision that you hold can be the foundation of quality professional and personal relationships.

3. Provide meaningful feedback. No one wants to feel that they’ve hit a professional ceiling with little potential for improvement. Giving an employee a chance to grow in a specific skill set and providing meaningful feedback on growth will communicate that you are invested in individual development and wish for personal and organizational success. Take the time to notice what is going well and provide opportunities for growth and suggestions for improvement while communicating that your employees are a vital part of your organizational success.

4. Give opportunities for ownership and decision making. Empower your valuable team and allow them to make decisions that will impact the future growth of the organization. Not only does it take some of the heavy work off your shoulders, but it also provides your employees with the opportunity to develop their leadership and decision-making skills. All benefit from this type of collaborative community.

5. Follow through with promises and incentives. Be mindful of the promises that you make and any incentives that you implement for your employees; they are much more likely to work diligently for you if you follow through with plans for improvement in the work environment. If hard work is met without any accolades or reward, this can not only damage a relationship between you and your employee, but the organization will suffer as morale suffers. Over time, this repeated disappointment and lack of fulfillment will lead to high employee turnover and a more volatile work environment.

6. Remain transparent. No matter how many decades you have been in business, you still do not know all there is to know about your operation. Being transparent, admitting when you are wrong, and being willing to learn from others will be key aspects of creating an atmosphere of trust and consistency that inspires everyone’s best efforts. Be willing to experiment, be ready to learn from others, and extend compassion to all who are with you on the exciting journey of growth and expansion.

We’ll help get the party started!

At MaxGroup Business Solutions, we have the tools, the knowledge, and the passion for getting the party started right along with you. Cutting edge marketing and growth strategies, innovative ideas for employee engagement, and intimate knowledge of business development all work in your favor when you join forces with our talented team. Let us motivate you and your team straight to the top! Visit for more information.


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